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12 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is an Impatient Person


Has anyone ever told you that you are an impatient person? It may not be you, but your spouse or other relative who seems to be on the inpatient side.

This person is generally described as type A personality, and they can often seem very rude or insensitive to others. However, there is a method to their madness as they often accomplish a lot in life and don’t waste time doing it.

Being in a relationship with a person like this can be challenging, but by understanding their shortcomings and dealing with their nuances, you can make things easier. How many times have you heard the old saying that “patience is a virtue”? It just seems that many people lack this virtue in today’s society.

Twelve behaviors that unmask an impatient person

How do you detect an impatient individual or know if they meet the criteria? Here are some signs that you may be living life in a hurry and expecting others to do the same.

1. You don’t have time for long lines

Nothing infuriates you more than a long line. If you have to sit on the bench, wait at the BMV or any other queue that delays your day, you can get angry. You will probably equate this experience to going to the dentist and having your teeth drilled.

All this waiting is taking away 100 other things you need to do. Don’t be surprised if you use your voice and body language to let everyone around you know how upset you are about having to wait. You can put on a bit of a show and tell the clerk a thing or two when you get to the counter.

2. Sitting in traffic drives you crazy

Sit in traffic jams or in long red lines no requires patience. You will probably honk your horn, possibly make rude gestures, and show the world how aggrieved you are that you should expect.

Sure, being unable to move and being trapped by cars can irritate your nerves, but it bothers you more than others. How do you do when you’re sitting in a traffic jam? Do you feel the urge to jump and run to your destination instead of being idle?

3. Waiting is offensive

Never keep the impatient person waiting as this behavior is offensive to you. You don’t like to wait for anyone or anything, and if someone has told you to be there at 5pm, you better be ready to go.

Being late makes the whole day or night plummet. You may get so angry that someone asks you to wait to continue without them.

4. Interrupting is not impolite, it is time efficiency

It’s difficult to have a conversation with an impatient person because you don’t have time for one person to say everything they have to say. Do you interrupt and talk to people because you can’t wait until they finish talking? You are probably not a good talker Unless you’re the only one talking

Does this sound like you? Do you have a hard time talking to people because you always want to talk about them because you can’t wait for them to tell your story?

5. You have tons of nervous energy

How do you see the impatient individual in a room? Well, they are the ones jingling change in their pockets, pacing the floor, crossing their arms and seemingly like a ball of nerves. Take, for example, being stuck in a waiting room at a hospital.

You are undoubtedly worried about a loved one or a friend, but you can’t sit idly by and you may feel like they will have to admit to you if they don’t rush. You feel so anxious that you can explode if you have to sit and do nothing for long periods.

6. Has a short fuse

When things don’t go the way the impatient had planned, then you’ll see a side of them that you may not like. If you are this person, do you tend to explode and have fits of rage when things don’t go your way?

People tend to turn away from you when they see warning signs that your anxiety has reached a boiling point. Being in a relationship with you is difficult when you don’t have patience because everything is not in your time frame.

7. They hate when people tell them “Be patient.”

How many times has someone told you to be patient? The problem is that behind this hasty mentality there is a deep-seated anxiety problem you have not addressed. Did you have a difficult childhood and suffered abuse?

Many people who feel they need to be in charge have had situations in the past where things were out of their control. Your impatient nature can be a side effect of the storms you struggled with in your life. The only way to overcome these problems is to get advice and learn practical management skills, but you must realize that you have a problem.

8. You should always plan ahead

When you go on vacation, do you have an itinerary for every day of the week? Well, being impatient means that you believe that you should always have a plan for the future. You must fit into everything you want to do, so you must plan everything down to the last detail.

You will probably drive those around you crazy with all the preparation. As waste of time is a big no-no, you want to make sure there is no downtime. Be careful if something doesn’t go according to plan, as it may blow your top off.

9. You don’t count on others to make things happen

Do you tend to come off as an “I just do it” person? You would love to have help, and often you may get a stomachache from the assistance you need. The problem is, you don’t think anyone else can do as good a job as you.

If someone is working alongside you, you want to show them the right way to do something, but you do all the homework. It is difficult to work or live with impatience because you have a mindset that few can understand.

10. Does not tolerate slowness, delays or failure

Living life as an impatient person is like driving down a two-lane highway and getting stuck behind a piece of farm machinery that you can’t get past. You sit there trying to get by without getting run over. You can take risks and cross the double yellow line to avoid delays.

There is no time for delays or failures in your life. Everything is just a significant inconvenience for a person who lives life in a hurry. Life can feel like a roller coaster ride for your spouse and children when there are control problems and verbal outbursts when things don’t go well.

11. Has control problems

To control his anxiety, the impatient person must dictate the situation. You like to make decisions to manage time. It is very frustrating for others, as they feel that they are not as efficient as you.

So by being in control of any situation, you can ensure that things get done right the first time. You often volunteer to step up and help almost anyone, but you drive them all crazy for your demanding nature and impatient personality.

12. Even the smallest problems are a crisis

You ordered a pizza and the delivery man told you that it would be about 45 minutes before they could get to you. While that doesn’t seem like a long time to most people, it does seem like a death sentence for the impatient. Many things go through your mind like:

  • What will I do for the next 45 minutes?
  • I may starve to death before they arrive.
  • I will never order from this slow company again!
  • I could do this Pizza in less time and save money.

Final thoughts on recognizing the signs of an impatient person

Overcoming an impatient personality is not easy. However, it takes time to get to the root of the problem and work on coping skills. Everyone has days when they are upset and in a rush, but an impatient person feels this way every day.

Being patient with others will remind you that there are times when others need to be patient with you. You need to slow down and take some time to smell the roses. Life is not a race to see how fast you do things. Instead, it’s about making time to enjoy the little blessings that each day brings.

If you are so focused on your plans and schedule for the day, you may miss out on some of the greatest miracles and blessings of your life. What is more valuable than time with your loved ones and friends? When they live life in a hurry, people can turn around to avoid feeling unable to live up to their high standards or sometimes disruptive behaviors.

Starting today, learn to live in the moment and stop worrying about time management issues.


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