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10 Ways to Be More Positive (Even During Struggles)


If you want to be more positive, there are many ways you can work toward that. Even during tough times, when you’re struggling, it can be more positive if you have the right mindset. With a few changes, you can make your life and your positivity go all the time.

Developing this mindset probably means making some changes in your life. However, these changes will be for the better and will quickly become welcome habits. The changes will help you overcome negativity and live a happier life, even in the midst of difficulties.

Not everyone naturally has a positive mindset, but anyone can learn to develop one. Following these tips will help you get on the right track if you want to be more positive. After a short time, the changes you make will become a habit and it will no longer require as much work.

You deserve to live the best life possible. Negativity will not allow that to be possible. Make sure you strive to be more positive so that you can be happy in all the moments of your life.

10 ways to be more positive every day

Here are ten practical tips you can try to keep your positivity.

1. Spend time with positive people

The people you surround yourself with play an important role in your positivity or negativity. If you spend your time with positive people, you will experience more positivity, even during struggles. Similarly, if you spend your time with negative people, you will experience negativity.

Don’t let other people put you off. Instead, spend your time with those who bring positivity. Choose people who bring out the best in you and encourage you to do your best. They will support you through difficult times and help you get through them.

It is important to eliminate negative people from your life. They are toxic, and it can hurt your thinking, even if you try not to allow it. Negative people will keep pulling you down instead of helping you get up.

2. Show and express your gratitude

A sure way to be more positive is practice gratitude. Doing this will give you a positive outlook because you will remember what is most important in your life.

You will think of all the things you have and the people who love you. Gratitude will help you even in the most difficult moments while still being positive. Whenever you feel negativity set in, mentally think about all the things you are grateful for.

In particularly difficult times, it can be difficult for you to remember all the wonderful things in your life. If that’s the situation you’re in right now, consider some of these things:

paid employment

-a bed to sleep

-The sun shining

-a smile from a stranger

-your loved ones

-a healthy body

You could start keeping a gratitude journal to help you remember all these wonderful things. Write it down every day and list a couple of things you’re thankful for, no matter how small. When you’re struggling to stay positive, take out your journal and read some of your previous entries.
When you write in a gratitude journal on a daily basis, you may not have a hard time remembering the good things either. It will become a habit to identify the good every day, allowing you to always stay positive. This habit will also help you identify the good things during difficult times.

3. Improve your posture

If you are striving to be more positive, your posture could have a big impact. Instead of slouching, stand up or sit up straight with your shoulders back and your chin high.

If it helps, stretch your arms for a few moments as it will help you feel more powerful and positive. When you make these changes, it will help you to be more positive. After a while, your positive posture and mindset will turn into habits that you no longer have to think about.

4. Smile even when you don’t feel like it

Many people do not know that they can deceive themselves to be more positive. By smiling when you don’t want to, you send a signal to your brain that you should be happy. Then you will experience a boost in your mood.

Smile when you are at work or in public. You can even smile while sitting at home if you feel depressed. It doesn’t matter where you are. This simple trick can make a big difference.

Keep in mind that if you smile at someone else, they will likely smile back. Not only does smiling improve your mood, but receiving a smile from someone else will, too. Then both you and the person who smiled back will experience a boost in your emotional well-being.

5. Do something nice when you don’t have to

When you do nice things for people, you will experience a boost in your mood and you will feel more positive. Donating to a charity or helping a friend or family member are great ways to do this. Or you can do a random act of kindness for a stranger.

No matter what you choose to do or who you choose to do it for, it will be beneficial to you. When you do this, it allows you to forget about your problems and focus on someone else. It will give you a new perspective and allow you to live a more positive life.

6. Call a friend or family member

When you have strong relationships with your loved ones, you will experience more positivity. Only a few close people in your life can make a difference. These people should be the ones to support you and be there for you.

When you are going through a difficult time, think about the person you can call. Whether they can help you with your situation or just talk to you about it, it will leave you feeling more positive. However, if you choose to isolate yourself, it will only make the situation worse and provoke negative thoughts.

7. Watch your thoughts for negative self-talk.

Negative self-talk is one of the most damaging things you can do to yourself. It is unproductive and does not offer a positive or effective solution to your problem. Don’t be so hard on yourself and remember that you can overcome any struggle in a positive way.

When you notice that your thoughts or words are negative, change them. Strive to think positively and say good things to yourself instead. Then you can have more positive energy and produce better results.

8. Always look for something positive

Even in your toughest times, find something to be positive about. Any little thing will help lift your spirits and encourage positivity.

You could think of the shining sun or your favorite song on the radio. Even seeing a pretty bouquet or field of flowers could be a positive moment.

Other times, it may not be so easy to recognize something positive, but it is there if you look for it. Even if the positive is that you had a learning experience, it will help you feel better. No matter what the situation is, always look for something positive and you will experience positivity.

9. Celebrate all you can

You don’t have to wait for important events to take place. Instead, you can celebrate little things like completing a task or finishing your to-do list.

When you celebrate these smaller things, you are giving more meaning to your life. Plus, it will give you something to look forward to once your homework is done. This will make tasks easier to handle and help you to be less stressed.

10. Get enough rest

Sleep is critical when it comes to your mental health. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will surely get stressed and turn negative. The longer the lack of sleep lasts, the more negative you will become.

According to the National Institutes of HealthYou should try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. This way, you can start your day in a positive way and continue in that way.

By doing this, you will be well rested, less irritable, and think more clearly. This will help avoid negative thoughts and negative self-talk, and promote consistent positivity.

Final thoughts on finding new ways to be more positive

Life may not always be perfect and there will be struggles, but you can still work to be more positive. When you do, the tough times won’t be so hard to handle and you’ll be happier. Plus, it will produce better work and have a more positive influence on your relationships.

It all comes down to your outlook on life and the settings you spend time in. By making some of the changes mentioned, you will be on the right path towards a more positive lifestyle. Not all changes will be easy right away, but give yourself time and grace and you will succeed.

By doing so, you will allow yourself to be more positive even during fights. You will see the learning opportunities and positivity in every situation you encounter.


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