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10 Surprising Things Most People Can’t Do


They all have unique talents, but did you know that some people can do weird things with their bodies that most people can’t? Here is the list of the 10 most surprising things that most people cannot do. See if you can do them. It’s fun to try!

These are the ten things most people can’t do

“Never forget to be skilled and skilled.
And never mix your right foot with your left.
And will you make it?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed) “.
– Dr. Seuss, Oh, the places you will go!

1. Touch the nose with the tongue

If you can touch your nose with your tongue, you are part of a small majority of people. About 10% of the general population can. This ability to do this is called a Gorlin’s sign, which means it may have a connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or EDS. This disorder affects the joints, skin, and sometimes blood vessels. You may have too much flexibility in your joints, which is why they dislocate easily.

Other symptoms include:

  • Translucent or glassy skin
  • Elastic skin
  • Your bruise easily
  • Dilation of blood vessels
  • Prone to breakage of blood vessels if not careful

Treatment includes medication and physical therapy or occasionally surgery.

2. Move your ears

Being able to move the ears is unusual. Only 10 to 20% of the population can do it. Because the muscles that control your eye movements affect the movements of your ears, your ears pull back a little when you look left or right. When you swallow, it also affects the area of ​​the ear muscles. But do not worry. You can learn to move your ears on your own! It would be helpful if you concentrated on moving your ears without making your eyes go up and down. Practice moving your ears using other muscles in your face.

3. Raise an eyebrow

Approximately 30-40% of the population can raise a single eyebrow. According to studies, only one muscle controls both eye movements. It is believed that people with this ability may have one side of the muscle disconnected, making it easier for them to raise an eyebrow. Some people suggest that they are not actually raising an eyebrow, but keeping one eyebrow lower while raising both eyebrows at the same time, making it appear that they are raising one eyebrow. If you want, you can train yourself to do this.

4. Fold your tongue in half

Studies Show that the ability to fold your tongue in half or twist it is affected by your ability to speak certain languages. These unique tongue movements are also related to your genes. Besides folding your tongue in half, try these other great tongue folding ideas

  • A clover leaf shape
  • Double bent tongue
  • Roll it up along
  • Turn it upside down

5. Bend your thumb back

Bending your thumb back or the hitchhiker’s thumb is hyperextensibility of your thumb. It is an inherited condition that is transmitted through a gene appropriately called the “flexible thumb gene.” If you have this condition, your thumb will make a 90 angle across your palm when you rest your hand. Fortunately, Hitchhiker’s thumb doesn’t hurt and you can still use your thumb without any problem, but you may want to show off your good-looking thumb to impress your friends.

6. Sneeze with your eyes open.

It is possible to sneeze with your eyes open, but it takes effort. Sneezing with your eyes closed is an involuntary reflex by your body to prevent germs and dirt from entering your eyes when you sneeze.

Sneezing it’s your body’s way of removing airborne pollen, dirt, dust, and pet hair. He also sneezes when he has a cold because his nasal cavity swells and becomes more sensitive, causing a sneeze. An old wives tale about sneezing with your eyes opens claims that you keep your eyes closed because your eyeballs will fall out if you leave your eyes open. It is okay if you sneeze with your eyes open, but it may not be healthy as all the things you sneeze will get into your eyes.

7. Wiggle your nose

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t move your nose. The nose does not move, but moving the lips back and forth gives the impression that the nose is contracting. You can learn to move your nose by looking in the mirror and moving your mouth back and forth quickly. Some people puff their cheeks from side to side, giving the illusion of moving their nose. Give it a try!

8. Touch your elbow with your tongue

Only a few people in the world can touch their elbow with their tongue. Why they want to do it is not important. It just seems like fun, especially since a lot of people can’t do it. To do this trick, you must have a smaller forearm and a long tongue. But, even with these unique features, you will still need good flexibility and an extreme desire to show off your unique ability.

9. perfect tone

The amazing talent of the perfect tone is in short supply. This means that every time you open your mouth to sing, you play each note correctly. Only 14% of Americans have the ability to play every note perfectly. Interestingly, if you speak the Mandarin language it can help you to have a perfect pitch because it has many different pitches that train your ear to hear musical notes better. Of course, the downside to having perfect pitch is that you notice every wrong note someone plays when singing or playing an instrument.

10. Gleek

Gleeking is the ability to get water out of the mouth with the tongue. Gleek doesn’t serve a great purpose unless you’re a high school kid who wants to impress your friends. You may accidentally rejoice if you have a lot of saliva in your mouth when you sneeze.

Other weird facts about your body that you might not know

The human body is amazing. It can do all kinds of things. Here are some really cool facts about your body that you might not know about.

You have enough acid in your stomach to dissolve a razor blade:

Your stomach acid is pretty powerful. It has a pH level of 1 or 2, which is really high compared to your blood, 7. 4. Surprisingly, the stomach lining is not affected by this high acid level. Just don’t try the razor blade trick to see if they dissolve.

As you get older, you become more ambidextrous:

As you get older, you become more capable of using both hands. One study found that when people are young, they usually use a dominant hand, but once they hit 70, they can use either hand. This is mainly because your dominant hand weakens as you get older, becoming more of your weakest hand.

Lack of sleep is more dangerous than not eating:

Did you know that you can go more without eating than you can not sleep? Going a week without sleep may make you not totally dysfunctional, while not eating for a week makes you feel tired and weak, but it can still work. If necessary, you could survive 8 or 9 weeks without food, but it is not recommended.

Fear makes you physically stronger.

When you lift heavy things, you normally only use about 65% of your strength to do it. But if you are afraid, your body blocks the pain and gives you an adrenaline rush so that you can suddenly lift large amounts of weight. The stories of mothers who lift a car of their children may be exaggerated, but there are many amazing stories how people saved someone’s life by lifting a heavy object off of them.

A baby has more than 300 bones, but adults only have 206:

So what happened to all your bones when you grew up As you grew older, many of these extra bones fused to form individual bones. The head of a baby is an example of this. They have a weak point in the head. This spot eventually disappears around the age of one year. The 8 small bone segments in the baby’s head fuse together.

Your mouth produces enough saliva in your life to fill two pools:

Your body produces an average of 25,000 liters of sage during your life. Sage helps you eat, prevents cavities, and also helps you swallow.

Final thoughts on how to try these things most people can’t do

Can you perform the tricks that most people cannot? The human body is so amazing.

Some people seem to have a unique ability to do strange things with their bodies that other people cannot master. Whether or not you can do some of these 10 amazing things, it may be because of your genes. Or you may be able to do them because you’ve practiced them enough to know how to do them. Have fun and see if you can learn to raise your eyebrow or wiggle your nose just for fun. Who knows, knowing how to do these things might be helpful.


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