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10 Signs You’re Suffering from Emotional Exhaustion


Are you feeling emotionally drained? What is the difference between physical and emotional exhaustion? Some say that once the body becomes so tired and does not rest the rest it needs, the fatigue turns into the soul. You suffer from emotional exhaustion that can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental or physical disorders.

Today’s world is quite demanding. Most people start their day at 6 am to prepare children for school. Then after rushing them out the door you have to fight the traffic to drop them off at the nursery. Once you’ve gotten to work, you’re exhausted and feel like you’ve done more than you can handle.

Does it sound familiar to you?

Now, you must work an 8-10 hour shift to give your work 110 percent of your efforts. Some days, you follow the movements and try to get ahead. Once his workday is over, he rushes to pick up the kids, get home, make dinner, pack lunches, and pack clothes for tomorrow.

If you are lucky, you may fall into bed at 11pm, hardly ever having time to talk to your spouse. How did life get so crazy? There is much that your body can handle before breaking down. It would be helpful if you had free time to walk in nature and enjoy your family.

Also, you need time to be alone with your thoughts. Like many people, there is simply no way that everything fits into your day. To have a quiet hour after everyone goes to bed, use your bedtime as a negotiating tool.

Sure, you know that if you go to bed before midnight, you’ll get six hours of sleep, but it’s still not what you need to function the next day. When the alarm goes off, your body can barely move from the weight of the emotional exhaustion you feel. Your body looks like it just did a great workout, and you head is beating. How can you face another day, week or month as you are?

Signs that you are emotionally drained

There are different phrases that are used to describe those who are so tired that they feel they cannot function. It can be called psychological exhaustion or emotional fatigue. According to one study, it is a relatively common problem that affects more than 58 percent of American workers.

How do you know if you are emotionally drained and what should you do to combat this miserable feeling? If left untreated, this emotional exhaustion you feel can send you straight to the hospital. Here are ten ways to know if your emotions are on edge and if you need help.

1. No amount of sleep makes you feel rested

You go to sleep and may even get a good 9-10 hour rest, but you still feel like you haven’t slept an ounce. Your whole body feels lethargic and you are getting depressed. He has no trouble falling asleep as he appears to die once he gets to bed. When you wake up, you are as exhausted as when you first went to bed.

You should discuss these issues with your doctors as things like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lupus and multiple sclerosis make people feel like they are continually exhausted. If no medical exam finds anything wrong, your body may be emotionally and physically tired.

2. Has insomnia or sleeps too much

Sleep interruptions are commonplace when your emotions are out of control. You may sleep too much, which is considered more than nine hours, or you may have trouble falling asleep. While some people need more rest than the average 7-8 hours per night, you need to make sure that you don’t spend all of your free time napping.

Also, you can try to go to sleep, but your mind won’t stop racing. You can reflect on all the events of the day and fear the things you must accomplish tomorrow. Sleep interruptions they are a classic sign of someone who is emotionally drained.

3. You have body aches you can’t explain.

Stress can have strange effects on the body. When you feel anxious, your body automatically raises its cortisol and adrenaline levels to combat these feelings. However, when these levels remain high for too long, they can cause long-term problems.

Your body is built to handle the stressors of your day’s routine, and some stress is good. The reason you are nervous when driving on the highway is that your body is on high alert. It is essential to be in a high state to protect yourself.

However, it cannot continue to function in fight or flight mode all the time. When you have these hormones pulsing through your body, they can affect your heart and mind. The result is headaches, muscle aches, nausea, physical fatigue, and emotional exhaustion.

4. You dream of an escape

It is not uncommon for you to dream of living in another place where your problems do not follow you. However, someone who is mentally drained could do more than contemplate such movements. You may be so on the verge of leaving your husband, wife, and even your children to seek greener pastures.

Never make decisions in such an exhausted state, as you will certainly regret it later. Your mind is unable to make those decisions when it is under so much pressure.

5. You are in a bad mood and irritable

Does your family avoid you like the plague? Do you continually scream or are you so irritable that you don’t even like being with yourself? You may feel angry or angry, and you can’t even pin down why. Irritability is a classic sign of a psychologically exhausted person.

6. Your emotions are everywhere

You cry a lot. Can you go from crying one minute to acting like nothing happens the next? Crying is normal and healthy. However, if you call continuously, then it is a sign that the chemicals in your brain are out of control.

The main chemicals in your brain are serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. If any of these levels get out of balance, you can suffer greatly. One person can always cry while another can’t seem to stay awake. If your emotions are all over the place, then it’s time to see a doctor.

7. You feel disconnected from life

Does the world around you seem separate, almost as if you are looking at it through cartoon glasses? One of the body’s coping mechanisms is to tune out to stay sane. You may feel that an alien has taken over your body and is trying to ruin your life.

Be very careful if you start to have these feelings, as it can be a great indication that you are heading for a total psychological breakdown.

8. You are alone

Do you have a house full of people, but feel completely alone? Part of the reason people feel lonely when they have other people around them is that no one understands them. Exhaustion causes your mind to not think clearly and you may start to feel isolated.

Remember, things like anxiety and depression are great suitors because they make you think and feel things that aren’t true. The truth is that you are probably pushing these people away because you are in a bad mood, irritable, cry all the time, and are cut off from your life.

9. You can’t keep up anymore

Your house is a mess, the kids need a haircut, you have a pending project at work, and the bills haven’t been paid this month. You can no longer keep up with everything you have to do. Your home and office, which used to run like a machine on fine oil, now have barely enough fuel to keep running.

Your emotional exhaustion has affected every area of ​​your life and you are hardly stepping on water.

10. You feel depressed

You don’t want to admit it, but you don’t find pleasure in the things that once brought you joy. Maybe you feel like you exist instead of living. You find yourself hiding in your room because you don’t want anyone to bother you.

You notice changes in your appetite, sleep schedule, cry for no reason, and feel depressed. Depression is a serious condition that affects more than 350 million people worldwide. It is as real a disease as the flu or a cold. It requires lifestyle changes and treatment.

Final thoughts on how to overcome emotional exhaustion

While you can’t get rid of all the stress in your life, you can try to get rid of the things that put so much pressure on you. Maybe it’s time for a career change if you find yourself in a very stressful job as a nurse, police officer, or teacher. Is your home a refuge or a war zone?

Troubled marriages can often put people through emotionally difficult times. The good news is that you can get out of the emotional exhaustion that you feel. The best place to start is by changing your diet.

Did you know that many people on the ketogenic diet say they have better mental clarity? Once you set your diet, you must incorporate an exercise routine. Exercise can naturally increase neurotransmitters in the brain and make you feel better.

Finally, it would be helpful if time was made for yourself. Don’t hand over the leftovers of your day or trade off your sleep time. How can you expect to turn to others when you have nothing to give? It would be helpful if you kept your energy tank full to give you the strength you need to get through each day.


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