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10 Habits of People Who Won’t Settle for Less than Their Personal Best


Giving up is not an option for some people. They face challenges with a direct attitude that helps them overcome even the most difficult circumstances. You may be wondering what habits these people have that keep them going.

How do you know if you are settling for less of the best?

Be on the lookout for these behaviors.

Behavior n. # 1: you blame others

You are settling for less when you blame others for your failure to pursue your best effort. You feel cheated by others or say that if only you had the opportunity, you could have done better. If you find yourself saying it’s someone else’s fault, you may need to assess whether you are settling for less in your life.

Behavior n. 2: Assume it will fail.

You never start working towards your goal because you assume that you will fail anyway, so there is no reason to continue. He has a defeatist attitude that stifles his energy and drive. Ask yourself if this is you and start taking small steps to reach a goal, no matter how small. Small victories build your confidence so that you can pursue more meaningful goals.

Behavior n. 3: you procrastinate

You say things like After I pay for my car, I will save money. Everything is “after” you do this or that. Of course, the “after” never happens. So, you get stuck in a vicious cycle of always waiting and without motivation even to try. Get started today by doing something. If you want to lose weight, go for a walk. You don’t have to walk too far or too far, get out and walk. You will grow in confidence and, over time, you will be able to reach your goals.

Behavior # 4You think a lot but never act.

Too much talk and little action describes your life. You are always dreaming and talking about what you want to do, but you never take the first step towards your goal. Whether out of fear or laziness, years go by without you looking for the best. Eventually, people stop listening to you. Stop talking about what you want to do and take a step towards the goal. If you are traveling, complete your passport application. If you are going back to school, sign up for an online class.

Behavior n. 5: You don’t like successful people.

Deep down, you are envious of success, but you would never admit it. You like to poke fun and point out why those who succeed are phonies. You feel like you will never be successful, so you don’t want anyone else to be successful. It’s easy to spot people like you in the crowd. Usually they are the ones who mock and despise the accomplished people. Ask yourself if it does this. If so, try to stop making fun of successful people. Look at their lives and find things you can emulate to improve your life.

Here are ten common habits of people who refuse to settle for less

Do any of these behaviors sound familiar to you?

1 – you exercise

Almost without exception, people who don’t give up tend to practice the habit of daily exercise. It can be yoga, biking, or jogging, anything to keep your body active.. Studies discovered that there is a connection between mental well-being and exercise. Exercise also increases your energy level and gives you more incredible stamina to tackle tough situations that you may face during the day. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to get the most benefit.

2 – Compelling vision

Tenacious people who don’t settle for less have a vision that compels them to keep going. You may be a visionary and a dreamer, but you can combine these qualities with a determination to achieve your goal. The goal motivates you not to quit smoking. You think about this vision every day and get the energy to keep going. You dedicate your life to achieving this goal and you don’t get bogged down with difficulties or setbacks. The problems seem to stimulate him even more.

3 – Get others excited about your goals

People who refuse to give up are often good at getting others to join them in their vision. You motivate and visualize others with infectious enthusiasm. Sometimes you share your goals so that others will join your idea. But often, you like to talk about your vision and want others to feel the same emotion. People may encourage you to go ahead or even try to dissuade you, but it doesn’t matter what people say about the tenacious person. You will pursue your goal with or without the support of others.

4 – Trust

Those who don’t settle for less exhibit confidence. It is not a selfish and arrogant type of confidence, but a humble type of confidence in yourself, knowing that you are on the right path. You study and learn everything you can about what you are after. If you don’t understand something related to your goal, you will get help.

Self-confidence It does not mean that you think you know everything. It means that you feel confident that you can reach your destination through hard work. If your confidence is shaken, you don’t give in, but you become more confident and determined.

5 – Self-discipline

Self-discipline is a common habit of tenacious people. You don’t get distracted by a lack of self-control, but stick with your goals. They have self-control in several areas that make them successful, including:

  • Money: you make smart investments, spend money if you need to, and be disciplined to save money.
  • Time: You use your time wisely, without getting caught up in wasting situations.
  • Relationships – You focus on your family and close friends rather than draining each relationship due to over-commitment.
  • Focus – You don’t lose focus or get caught up in minor issues or things that are not within your job description.
  • Work with a team: don’t micromanage people. You have people around you that you trust. It allows people to do their work knowing that the team effort will help achieve the goal.

You know that today’s efforts will help you achieve your goals in the future, so you stay on track with self-disciple.

6 – Flexible

Persistent people are flexible and able to adapt to changes in pursuit of their goals. You may encounter setbacks or need to adjust your goals, but this doesn’t put you off. If you believe in what you are after, you will be flexible and ready to find a new way to achieve your goal.

You hear stories about famous inventors who kept trying even when they failed over and over again. Once they reached their destination, they often said that failures were worth it because they had learned from them.

7 – you are curious

People who refuse to settle are curious. You take the time to study, learn, and wonder about things. Your curiosity motivates you to continue your growth at every stage of life. You will seek new information, ask for help, or get the opinion of others about your ideas and goals. He admits that he doesn’t know everything, but is hungry to learn as much as he can. It is as if you want to put as much information into your brain as possible. Of course, you can drive others crazy with questions because you are very curious, but that’s okay.

8 – You are tenacious

Stubborn, unwavering, conservative. No matter how you define it, people who refuse to settle for less are tenacious. You will not give up easily. Studies show that people who are firm in the face of a challenging situation find that it helps them have a better career, health, studies and more opportunities.

9 – You know when to back down

This may surprise you, as it is believed that people who refuse to settle for less never settle for less, but a genuinely persistent person is wise enough to know which battles to fight and which to give up. For example, if you want to go to college, you can choose to get a bachelor’s degree but not a master’s degree. It may seem like a compromise not to seek as much education as possible, but when you don’t settle for less, you know where to invest your time and energy. You know that a bachelor’s degree will be enough for what you want to do.

10 – You go with your instinct

You hear that still little voice inside of you. Whether you call this intuition or by listening to their instincts, persistent people know whether or not to act. Take your time and listen. Evaluate what you should do next. You don’t shy away from risk, but find your risk level of comfort. Persistent people ask questions, they look around to get a good idea of ​​what they are about to do.

Final thoughts on refusing to settle for less than your personal best

People who refuse to settle for less have everyday habits that they have incorporated into their lives. They pursue their goals with enthusiasm and confidence. They have self-discipline and find time each day to exercise. When faced with challenges, they don’t give up, but they know when to try another avenue.

Even if they feel discouraged, it won’t stop them for long. Tenacious people receive feedback and learn from others because they are humble enough to know that they need help to reach their goals. If you want to refuse to settle for less, try incorporating some of these habits into your own life.

You may not be able to do all of them, but even a couple can change the way you live. Your life is worth living to its full potential, so find the encouragement and strength of others who are on the same path as you to see the best in yourself rather than settling for less.


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