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10 Everyday People Who Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


Have you lost trust in humanity?

It’s easy to focus on all the bad things that happen in the world, but if you look around you, you will find ordinary people doing good things for other people. Motivated by their own unique situations, these people find creative ways to make the world around them a happier place.

We live at breakneck speed, with life throwing obstacles our way as we race for our lives. We can get caught up in all the bad things in the world around us. Instead, let’s slow down and find good people who remind us of our own humanity and goodness.

Ten kind people who restore your faith in humanity

Here are ten stories of people who will restore your faith in humanity.

1 – This woman provides and jobs for the disabled

When Erin willman he lost his sight at fifteen, people assumed he couldn’t do many things. But Erin refused to let her disability stop her. Several employers refused to hire Erin. Instead, she decided to start her own business and is now the CEO of White Cane Coffee.

His coffee shop that sells fresh organic coffee to residents of the small community of Warren, Pennsylvania. Additionally, your company is impacting the lives of blind and autistic people through practical on-the-job skills. Erin’s White Cane Coffee employs eight disabled workers. Its goal is to inspire hope and freedom of independence in its employees.

Because she experienced the difficulties of living with a disability first-hand and felt left out, Erin decided that all her coffee packages would include Braille on the label. Today, White Cane Coffee is the first company to label its products in Braille.

“If you can change a person’s life, you are changing the world.” ~ Erin Willman

In addition to providing a living wage to each of the employees, the company donates part of its profits to The Sight Center for Northwest Pennsylvania, an organization that trains lead dogs for the blind.

Erin also works with schools that teach the blind and the disabled. During his regular visits to the Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind in Pittsburgh, he emphasizes the importance of work and self-reliance for students and their need to grow in independence.

Erin spoke at the Convention of the National Federation of the Blind in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His message of hope to the attendees began with this statement:

“When you lost your sight, people lined up to tell you what you can’t do, now let’s talk about what you can do. You have courage, you have courage, and you can live an independent life. “

Another program close to Erin’s heart is the Warren County Children’s Advocacy Center. White Cane Coffee created a specialty coffee blend to generate support, with a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this specialty coffee going to the center. Erin has inspired so many people. She says she never dreamed of being the CEO of a company, but she did dream of changing the world. Today Erin is doing this by providing work and hope to the disabled community.

2 – Funny teachers go remotely to relieve stress for kids and parents

These ten teachers they found themselves in a whole new teaching mode last spring. Like their students, teachers suddenly had to learn to handle online learning. There have been many ups and downs during the year, but the teachers decided to make the most of it and have fun together with the children. So, they created funny videos of themselves, played rock music to keep kids’ attention, and posted silly teaching mistakes to encourage kids and parents to stay there.

These ten teachers show their dedication and love for children while maintaining a good sense of humor about all the things that can go wrong. If laughter is good medicine, then these fun-loving teachers keep children and parents healthier and happier despite unusual circumstances.

3 – Dancing doctors relieve tension during the pandemic

Amid the stress and strain of the current pandemic, these doctors and health workers found a positive way to release her stress. At first, they danced for fun, but after realizing how helpful and challenging it was even for their patients, they decided to create dance videos. When the videos went viral, other healthcare workers from other hospitals across the country joined in their own dances.

Dancing is great exercise and stress reliever. And as these doctors demonstrate, dancing improves your mood and makes you feel happier. So, follow the lead in these documents and vent some steam by dancing.

4 – A veteran’s passion for fitness leads him to help others

James coley, an Air Force veteran and personal trainer in Tampa, Florida, is making a huge difference in people’s lives. While helping his friends work out at the gym, Coley suddenly realized that he loved helping other people get in shape. Her passion for fitness impacted lives, especially those with a lot of weight to lose. His compassionate and caring attitudes inspired those who wanted to lose weight without feeling judged.

One of his clients tipped the scales at 316 pounds, but after working with Coley, they weighed 175 pounds. Coley says he has learned to help others through his own experiences in life in the military.

He brings the 3 Ds: dedication, determination and discipline as what has helped him and what he uses to inspire others to get in shape. He is a great example of someone who has impacted many lives simply by doing what he loves: helping humanity.

5 – Dancing Against Stereotypes

Twenty seven years old Erik cavanaugh he set out to show that stereotypes must be broken. Cavanaugh has been a dancer since he was 16 years old. Currently, he dances professionally in Nashville, Tennessee. Her dance has gone viral, showing people that you can still perform graceful dance moves no matter your body size. Competed in America has talent, where she did a ballet performance.

Cavanaugh hopes to inspire others to follow the dance if they choose. Create videos to show your talent and represent your mood every day. It has had 70 million views so far and there is no sign that its popularity is diminishing. Your dedication inspires all of humanity to be more receptive.

6 – Inspirational Marriage Poem

When i was 25 Taylor myers published his poem on divorce, millions of people found it useful for their own relationships. Her “Lifelong Relationships Class” inspired her to write the poem. She said the class transformed her view of relationships and that her own relationships are now healthier.

As part of the class assignment, Taylor had to interview dozens of adults who had been married and now divorced. He asked each one if love was an emotion or a choice. All the people told you that it was a choice that you decided to make every day with a person who has the same commitment.

People also told him that you couldn’t build a strong, long-lasting relationship based on feelings because feelings change all the time. Taylor says the interviews changed her view of humanity and inspired her to write her now famous poem.

7 – This Inspirational Teen Raises Money For Cancer

When I was four, Megan Cruz he was diagnosed with AML leukemia, a rare form of cancer. Fast forward to today, the 16-year-old is celebrating 10 years cancer-free by raising thousands of dollars in the Terry Fox Run, a 10-kilometer run to raise money to fight cancer. Megan says she has strong memories of being in the hospital, receiving chemotherapy, and all the ways people reached out to care for her and her family. She hopes to keep raising money in different ways, saying, “I think in 2020, we just have to keep moving and make the world a better place …”

8 – From Janitor to Nurse Practitioner

Jaines Andrades He started working at Baystate Medical Center ten years ago as a janitor cleaning operating rooms. Being in the medical environment inspired her to pursue a medical career. Today, she is a nurse specialized in trauma surgery. After earning her nursing degree, she worked as a nurse at Baystate.

But she wasn’t done chasing her last dream.

While keeping her job at Baystate, Andrades returned to school studying to become a nurse practitioner. She got the job as a nurse practitioner and was offered the job as a nurse practitioner in her current job. She has inspired others to be humble and willing to work hard for your dreams. His days as a janitor remind him to treat everyone with dignity.

9 – Mother and cancer survivor inspire others

Today, six years Kingston forrest has a lot of energy. He wasn’t always so energetic. Kingston, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of one, endured many rounds of chemotherapy for his cancer. He never lost his happy smile, but he found ways to entertain other patients at the hospital. At that time, the Pinky Swear organization supported the Forrest during Kingston’s cancer.

Today both Kingston and his mother, Michelle, volunteer with Pinky Swear to help other families on their journey against cancer. They have raised money for the organization and are looking for ways to encourage people they know.

10 – Free ukulele lessons

Duncan perry, a retired college professor, wanted to give back to others, so he played his ukulele for hospice patients. Patients loved hearing him play and he loved bringing joy to humanity in the midst of their suffering. After moving to a different state, he volunteered at a trauma unit to help injured or dying people.

But when Covid-19 hit, he was unable to visit the trauma unit to play his ukulele. At first, Perry was tempted to feel worthless for not being able to help anyone, but he came up with the idea of ​​offering free music lessons to first responders. He knew they needed an emotional outlet and that music could help them. Perry says that music gives people peace.

He offered free ukulele lessons to first responders at the Maine Medical Center, and his classes were instantly a success. Each student was loaned a ukulele for their lessons, and Perry played a song in the first lesson.

One student said that this year had been a challenge for her as a nurse, but having these free ukulele lessons helped her get by. In return, Perry says she has found joy in sharing the gift of music and helping first responders who have done so much to help others.

Final thoughts on meeting these ten people who restore faith in humanity

During difficult times, we lose sight of the things that are most essential to a life well lived. Stressful days erode our faith in humanity. But these ten people remind us that we still share this Earth with many wonderful people.



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