Zoë Kravitz Misses Getting Ready Just as Much as You Do

Even though her eyes are the most visible part of her consistently-masked face, Kravitz says she hasn’t been giving much thought to playing up her eye makeup lately. “I love a liquid liner, but I just haven’t been doing it,” she says. “I think for me, it’s about knowing that my skin looks nice and that I have a little blush on my face — I’m not really thinking about what’s showing and what’s not showing.”

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When she wants that extra bit of definition, though, she breaks out a classic cat-eye, which she’s learned to execute flawlessly, thanks to a major makeup artist tip. “I’ve been paying a lot of attention to understanding your eye shape and understanding what kind of a line works for you,” she explains. Her eyes, as she describes them, are rounded but small, so applying a thick line all the way across her lash line can make them look even smaller. 

Instead, Kravitz draws on just the wing and doesn’t connect it to the inner corners of the lids. “When I do a liquid liner of some kind, I start more on the end and go out, which makes my eyes look bigger,” she explains. “If you want your eyes to lift, you don’t want [the eyeliner] to be too heavy or it’s going to have the opposite effect — it’s all about where the line starts, where it stops, and the angle.”

Makeup on or off, there’s one beauty product that Kravitz refuses to put down, no matter where she is or what she’s doing on any given day. “The one thing that I have been able to do consistently is wear YSL’s Black Opium,” she says. “I think scent is so important and… it can give me a sense of home and a sense of, ‘this is what I smell like and what I feel like.'”

So even when you’re not in the mood to swipe on some mascara or blend on concealer, Kravtiz hopes you don’t hesitate to reach for a scent that you love — if anything, just to “put a little pep in your step.”

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