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‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ Kavaan Finally Reaches New Home, Gets Hugs From Cher And New Pachyderm Pal


It has been a great week for Kavaan, the ‘loneliest elephant’. After spending decades living in poor conditions in a zoo in Pakistan, he arrived at the lush sanctuary where he will spend the rest of his days. And he is already a new friend.


Earlier this year, GNN reported that the Pakistani High Court ordered that Kavaan be released from Islamabad’s Murghazar Zoo, which is in the process of permanent closure.

There were many groups and people fighting for the liberation of the elephant, among them the most famous, Cher, who celebrated Kavaan’s victory. tweeting, “THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE.”

Since that Can ruleThe Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) has been working behind the scenes to find the lone elephant an ideal home. They found the perfect site at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

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In a rescue led by the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWSAlong with IWMB and Cher’s Free The Wild organization, veterinarians and elephant experts have been busy preparing Kaavan for his departure to a new location.


For weeks, the team has been helping Kavaan learn how to do stress-free entry and exit in and out of an air shipping box. Given that the male elephant weighs 4.35 tons, it has not been an easy task.

This weekend, however, Kavaan was finally ready for his departure. With a military escort, the pachyderm was taken to Islamabad International Airport and on a Russian Ilyushin Il-76 plane. After a layover in India, he made the 10-hour flight to a new country, arriving at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in the capital of Siem Reap on Monday.

Since you were there?

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Kaavan put down his carrying case and enjoyed a warm welcome with a fruit cake and a trail of banana leaves made just for him.

After eight years without animal friends, he made his first integration with another elephant.

He met one of his biggest fans.


That would be Cher, who tweeted that she sang to relax him.

In about a month, Kavaan will meet three female elephants and have 25,000 acres to roam. That’s an area 50,000 times larger than the zoo enclosure he was confined to until the court ruling helped free him.

With Kaavan’s years of isolation finally coming to an end, FOUR PAWS He says that he will finally have a chance to live a peaceful and species-appropriate life.

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