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Alikay Naturals Launches New Collection Made Especially For Women

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From leave-in conditioners to edge gels, from feminine washes to refreshing sprays, Alikay Naturals Co-founder and C.E.O., Rochelle Graham-Campbell, is single-handedly taking over the beauty and wellness business. Rochelle is widely recognized for birthing the natural hair gamechanger, “The L.O.C. Method.” And now, she has switched lanes and expanded the Alikay Naturals brand into the feminine care space.

Insert: HER by Alikay.

This pioneering collection of gently-formulated, pH-balanced feminine care products is made to meet the needs of women who want to feel confident in the products they are choosing to use on their most delicate regions.

“For the past eleven and a half years, we’ve provided quality products and solutions for our customers’ hair, skin, bodies, babies and for their homes, but we were not servicing and providing solutions for one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. There are still so many chemicals that are used in feminine care products, and that can have harmful effects on women. HER by Alikay is a natural alternative to feminine care products, it keeps your pH balanced, and it feels refreshing.”

Currently, HER by Alikay offers two products: The Foaming Feminine Wash and The Feminine Refreshing Spray. The wash is gentle enough to prevent irritation and pH imbalance while being strong enough to keep you confident and fresh throughout the day. The Refreshing Spray works to gently refresh down there without fear of disturbing the delicate balance of HER.

Each product comes in two versions: regular and sensitive. The sensitive version is fragrance-free, while the regular formula is a gentle natural pineapple scent. Each version is infused with pineapple enzymes, rose water and aloe.

“The aloe focuses on soothing irritation and moisturizing dryness,” says Graham-Campbell. “If a woman is going through any itching or dryness down there, the products will hydrate the vulva and the skin without throwing off her pH.”

On expanding into other parts of the beauty and wellness industry: “Of course! Why not?! I love being an entrepreneur because I have an opportunity to bring something unique and creative to the space,” says Graham-Campbell. “I do not focus on what everyone else is doing or what is already out there. You can always work to make the beauty space better, more improved, and further diversified. I think about what I wish existed, and I create it.”

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