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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to go Bald

By Jenna Brooks

With many black celebrities choosing to rock a buzzed down or nearly totally bald look, we are slowly learning as a society that going bald isn’t something bad or something to be afraid of. While hair is something so incredibly important to black women as a whole, going bald is something that is beautiful and powerful, if one chooses to go that way. 

Going bald is something that can be freeing and empowering, a way to completely start over fresh with a brand-new hairstyle, or lack thereof. Because many black women have been raised and indoctrinated to believe that their hair is something immensely important and something they should never cut off, the thought of going bald can be terrifying. To those who have never taken the leap, they may be afraid that society could potentially deem them as ugly or intimidating. However, by taking your hair into your own hands, going bald can be a sign of strength and freedom.

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Congresswomen Ayanna Presley has recently discussed how growing up many would tease her for her short, shaved hair due to her alopecia. However, Presley has explained that setting herself free from wigs and choosing to rock a shaved look has given her acceptance and power, knowing that the many who teased her did so due to how they were raised. Black women are slowly starting to realize that having long hair or whiter, more European looking hair does not equate to their beauty, strength, or self-worth. Being bald allows you to rock your natural features, making your eyes, cheekbones, and whole face pop. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to take the chance in going bald, go for it. There’s no need to be afraid, the experience could bring you freedom and power, making you even more gorgeous. 

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