What November’s Capricorn Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

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Welcome to November, Capricorn! The end of October saw you being honest with yourself (and others) about your romantic needs, which hopefully opened a few new doors. However, it may have been difficult to communicate those needs due to the Mercury retrograde that started midway through the month. The good news is that this retrograde ends on Tuesday, November 3. The bad news is that this is also Election Day, which could mean add confusion and miscommunication to what already promises to be a hot mess. 

When under stress, you can tend to be a bit harsh and judgmental, Capricorn. That doesn’t mean that you don’t care, but the way you express your concern can come off as cold if you’re not careful. During a stressful election, it may be difficult to remain as calm as you’d like, so it’s OK if you don’t want to stay glued to the television or social media to watch the results come in. You can catch up at your own pace. The world will be discussing the results for quite some time. 

Be aware of any hiccups in your love life on Tuesday, November 10. Messenger Mercury reenters Scorpio, stirring up feelings of paranoia and jealousy. Your crush or partner may act a bit intense, as well. Try not to take things personally, and keep your side of the road clear by not reading too much into things. Avoid lashing out by remembering how much you care about each other and being honest about your needs. We need all the love and support we can get in times like these. 

As if the state of the economy wasn’t rough enough, warrior planet Mars has been retrograde since September, putting a damper on both your personal and professional life. Projects may have failed to launch, and even your sex life has likely felt subdued. This fighter planet goes direct in bold Aries on Friday, November 13, re-energizing your creative, professional, and sex life. If anyone can make some money in this economy, it’s you, Capricorn. Go out there, be your stubborn self, and don’t stop fighting until you get what you want. 

Because you like to present a tough exterior to the world, you can neglect your inner emotional side at times. Being soft and tender doesn’t mean that you’re weak. During the new moon in emotional Scorpio on Saturday, November 14 allow yourself to feel all the feels. Put on relaxing music, draw a bath, and enjoy a glass of wine or tea. Be alone with yourself and allow your mind to wander to all the places you try so hard to ignore. Remember, Capricorn, repressing emotions never works in the long run. 

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