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What April’s Libra Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

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Welcome to April, Libra! You are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. You can’t help the fact that romantic relationships are of the utmost importance to you. Last month reminded you that it’s important to bring your own needs to the table in your connections with others. When communication planet Mercury enters bold Aries and your 7th House of Partnership on Saturday, April 3, the stars help you vocalize what may have been missing for you. This transit will gently push you to tell your partner or crush what you want, so take advantage of this newfound clarity. Then, during the new moon in Aries on Sunday, April 11, you see results of being assertive. Use this night to make love or get back on dating apps

Venus enters sensual Taurus and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation on Wednesday, April 14. This month is basically sprinkling blessings all over your sex life. However, don’t forget that to get the relationship you want, you must put in the work. The 8th House is also about rebirth, and you must learn to let old habits die so healthy ones can take their place. Consider working with a therapist or trying meditation to look within; if you can identify the root of your insecurities and work on clearing them, you can get on the path to the love that you deserve. 

Bring on the skin care, long baths, and snacks because luxurious Taurus season kicks off on Monday, April 19. On this same date, messenger Mercury also enters Taurus and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation. This continues the theme of renewal. If you were able to communicate your needs and let go of bad habits, this transit is nothing but another blessing for your love life. Enjoy it. Let in the love, and have as many orgasms as you can. 

Fighter planet Mars enters caring Cancer and your 10th House of Social Status on Friday, April 23. You feel brave, Libra, and may just have the courage to stand up for yourself in a tough situation. On this date, your attention might turn to your career. Now that your love life is feeling stable, you’re ready to fight for the pay and professional recognition that you deserve. The full moon in Scorpio and your 2nd House of Possessions on Monday, April 26 bodes well for your bank account. Full moons are a time to reap the rewards of our hard work. 

April comes to an end with the start of Pluto retrograde on Tuesday, April 27. Pluto appears to move backward in the sky about half of each year, so don’t stress. This particular retrograde will help you examine your demons, dark side, and any unhealthy habits holding you back. That may sound scary, but you’ve already spent much of April doing this crucial work, so just stay the course, and be sure to take some time out for self-care. We’ll see you in May! 

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