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Watch the Serendipitous Moment a Dog Runs Into Her Puppy Brother in a Park—Even Though He Lives 500 Miles Away


The Christmas holidays have been especially tough this year with the COVID-19 restrictions putting a big brake on many family gatherings. But for a pair of siblings, an unexpected reunion turned out to be so joyous it might be too cute to put into words.

Dolly and Wally; photo by Mary Zico

Did we mention that the brother and sister duo are Labradoodles?

Littermates Dolly and Wally originally hail from Senseney’s Dazzling Doodles in Wheaton, Missouri. They had not seen each other, nor had they played together, since they were eight weeks old.

“We adopted a gorgeous pandemic puppy in May and named her Dolly since we live in Tennessee and admire Dolly Parton,” dog mother Mary Zic told GNN.

Last Friday, Zic and his daughter, Jessica (Dolly’s co-mom) were walking with Dolly in Centennial Park. “We had never taken Dolly to Centennial Park before, but we needed to pick up food at a nearby restaurant for a friend who is sick. Jessica suggested we bring Dolly [along]. “

Although they didn’t know it yet, Dolly was about to receive an incredible early Christmas present.

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They had been walking for a short time when Jessica saw a puppy that looked a lot like her precious puppy. Although the Zics had yet to connect the dots, the doppelganger’s scrawl was in fact Dolly’s brother, Wally.

As they got closer, the other dog’s owner, Becky Birg, recognized Dolly (who was wearing a scarf with her name on it) from the photos she’d seen on Instagram taken when the dogs were puppies.

Quite by coincidence, Birg and Wally were stopping in Nashville on a road trip from Chicago to Florida and had chosen to stretch their legs at Centennial Park. Dolly and Wally, who met a brother when they saw and smelled one, were ecstatic. Gleefully, they ran to greet each other, wagging their tails.

“We still can’t believe it,” said Mary Zic, “We were surprised by the chance encounter!” (But she and Birg made sure to take lots of photos and videos to prove it.)

Maria Zico

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“This is a difficult Christmas because we can’t be with the family,” Zic said, “but our sweet puppy found his brother.”

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After a difficult year like this, it is good to remember that fate can also be kind, and doubly when doodles are involved.

(WATCH the sweet Facebook reunion video below.)

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