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Aries 2021 Horoscope – Yearly Predictions for Love and Career

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Welcome to 2021, Aries. You’re asking the same question as everyone else — will this year be any easier than 2020? While “easy” might not exactly be on the immediate horizon, it’s time to start putting the pieces of life back together. For you, Aries, that means building and expanding on your most important relationships, while letting those which no longer serve you go. 

This year, lucky Jupiter squares independent Uranus in your 11th House, which is all about finding your people, starting on Sunday, January 17. Before you consider making any new major commitments, like moving in with a partner, you have to clean up the lingering messes from your past relationships. Talk through miscommunications, unfriend or block on social media — do what you have to do to declutter your personal life. You will notice that the more room you make for your healthiest relationships, the easier it is to let old ones go. Consider it emotional pruning.

The next day, on Monday, January 18 the moon enters your sign, making it easier to act on your emotions from a rational place. It enters your sign again on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14. There’s no need to hate on the holiday this year; with the moon in your sign, you’ll be feeling loved and loving, whether you’re single or partnered up. 

Disciplinarian Saturn squares eccentric Uranus on Wednesday, February 17, as well as Monday, June 14, and Friday, December 24. This transit only happens every 22 and a half years, and fittingly, marks periods of time in which conservative ideology clashes with more progressive thinking. Spoiler alert: This doesn’t mean that they find a peaceful resolution. However, thankfully, there is no Mars retrograde in 2021. Mars is a warrior planet that rules fucking and fighting. You want Mars in your corner to win a battle. Everyone, but especially you Aries, will make your way through 2021’s political strife with a confident and hopeful nature. 

Aries season, which starts the zodiac calendar, begins on Saturday, March 20. The very next day, Sunday, March 21, lover planet Venus also enters your sign. This means that your season, which should be indicative of the themes for Aries in all of 2021, will be very good for your love life. You may have previously found yourself trying to make a relationship that wasn’t meant to be work, which can feel like trying to force together two puzzle pieces that don’t fit. With the sun and Venus in your sign, it’s likely that your romantic life this year will have the opposite energy. Love may just fall into place. Don’t confuse what comes easily for being boring. Drama doesn’t always equal passion.

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