Vanessa Hudgens and GG Magree’s Matching Halloween Costumes Are Iconic

GG MAGREE: One hundred percent. That’s like when spooky season starts, I feel like we pop our cherry with a look like that, you know what I mean?

VH: It’s always a big boot vibe and a big choker with chains.

GM: Yes, and dark sunglasses and a lot of black.

VH: Spice it up, baby!

ALLURE: That is also my vibe for the entire fall season! Now, tell us a little about the look you did for Bacardi.

VH: We are apart this Halloween, unfortunately, because I’m in New York working and I’m in a bubble, otherwise GG would be with me. GG had the idea of us doing a fun night together where we have Bacardi cocktails, especially because they came out with a new bottle that is glow-in-the-dark limited edition and is totally on-brand for Halloween. We’ll make a cute little cocktail together. Then GG ordered us, what would you call them?

GM: I got us custom-made spider women, black widow [costumes] — we love black widow spiders! The meaning behind a black widow is after they have sex with a male, they eat them — and that’s just so fitting for me and V.

ALLURE: I love this energy!

GM: I got us these custom spider suits made by this amazing guy in Toronto and on the leg, they say, “Bitch, you’re my soulmate,” because we’re soulmates.

ALLURE: This brings a happy tear to my eye.

VH: Even though we couldn’t be physically together, we wanted to do something fun where we just spice up our Zoom call for Halloween.

GM: Obviously, we had to twin because we twin everything in life.

VH: Yea, so we’re just going to be each other’s twins. Twin flames — spider women twin flames, always!

GM: When we first saw the Bacardi bottle — I loved the bat icon in red, so our suit mimics that as well.

ALLURE: Say its Halloween night. What are you drinking?

VH: The cocktail that we’re totally going to make is the Bacardi Zombie with Bacardi Superior rum, Bacardi Black rum, a little triple sec, sweet & sour mix, and orange juice — splash it all together and we have our own spooky cocktail.

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