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U Beauty Resurfacing Compound is the Glass-Skin Serum I’ve Been Looking For | Review

I’ve dealt with hyperpigmentation for as long as I can remember (my pimples have a way of leaving dark spots behind). U Beauty Resurfacing Compound has many of the brightening, smoothing ingredients I look for, including vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, and retinol, plus clarifying witch hazel and hydrating vitamin E. (It’s important to remember: Don’t use this, or any product with retinol, if you’re pregnant or nursing.)

I’m always game to try new skin care products. I look to acids, peels, primers, and everything in between to bring me glass-like skin and hide my pores, which have always been pretty obvious. The word “Resurfacing” in U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound seemed like it would do the trick, and I was sold on going all-in on a test run. The other note that grabbed my attention is that the serum promises visible results in three to six days. As the most impatiently patient skin care enthusiast, this was music to my ears. And like so many people, I have the occasional hormonal acne flare-up. Sometimes, in addition to creating discoloration, the spots my pimples leave behind are slightly raised. I’ve been experiencing more of this in recent months, so my hope was that the Resurfacing Compound would tackle these issues head-on — and it certainly did. 

I washed my face  (I decided to go with a mild face wash so that my skin wouldn’t be on high alert once the serum went on) and I applied a few pumps of the serum. It has a more fluid consistency than I expected, and it took about three pumps worth to coat my face. I topped it with a basic moisturizer, and am happy to report that after a few days my complexion was looking all around brighter and my dark spots seemed to have faded a bit. My combination skin is generally tough enough to withstand experimenting, but retinol can still be irritating. I was relieved that this serum left no tingling or tightness — definitely a new serum for my glass-skin goals.

You’ll find a full size bottle of the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound in the February 2021 Allure Beauty Box. 


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