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Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Creates Perfect Mermaid Hair | Review

Despite these promising facts, I still had my qualms. I would love to don mermaid waves every day but my hair is extremely stubborn when it comes to holding a curl. And what turns me off the most from curling my hair is the sheer amount of time it takes to do my entire, typically long-haired head — so much so that I still ask my friends to do my hair for special occasions. However, Fitzsimmons tells me that three-prong tools actually work through longer lengths more quickly than traditional curling wands, and add volume at that. So even though my hair is actually the shortest it’s been in years, I’ll do whatever it takes to cut down on styling time. In this case, that means giving Babe Waves a proper test.

There are three sizing options in total starting with the pink Standard, which has one-inch barrels that work on all lengths and textures and pairs well with curl-resistant hair (ding ding). In comparison to the larger barrels, Standard creates tighter waves with a deeper crease, says Maine. The all-black Limited Edition version has 1.1-inch barrels and works well for soft waves on chin-length or longer hair. For those in pursuit of looser waves, the pink Jumbo with 1.25-inch barrels is perfect — especially for shoulder-and-longer lengths and hair that generally doesn’t have problems holding curls.  

As previously hinted, my hair currently falls just below my shoulders, so I went with the Standard. The multi-barrel design takes a little getting used to, especially with my small hands, but it’s not heavy or overly clunky. However, I only need one-and-a-half to two passes of the barrels (which measure about five inches in length), so I’m saving a lot of time overall.

As for temperature, Maine says the recommended range is between 360 degrees and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. “Even though the iron can go much lower than 360, most hair types will not hold at those temperatures.” Since I still have bleached parts, I decided to play it on the safe side at 390 degrees. I appreciate being able to see the temperature rising in real-time on the blue digital display, so I know exactly when it hits my desired temperature and can go to town. It took just under two minutes to fully heat up.

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