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Time For Another Wash Day? We Have a Better Idea!

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Many of us have worked ourselves into a holiday frenzy this year. Christmas shopping, decorating, adjusting to new social distancing rules with friends and family; it can all be very overwhelming. With so much to do, and so little time, who really wants to wash and style their own hair right now? Washing our tresses can be an all-day affair, but when time isn’t on your side, you can look to the Mixed Chicks Hair Four Days collection to save your curls.

The collection boasts four products that provide you with fresh, vibrant, clean looking and smelling hair for days—hence the name Hair Four Days. Skipping wash day has never been so easy. These products amplify texture, absorb excess oils, block odors, moisturize and help provide a fuller look for your hair!

The dry shampoo works wonders to clean your hair in just a few sprays. It boasts a lightweight formula that provides a fresh smell, absorbs excess oils and volumizes the roots. It also works to extend the life of your blowout – sans the white residue left behind.

When your hair’s frizz gets a little out of control, reach for the calming cream. It can restore your strands to their former glory. It also helps to smooth overnight hair and frizz, add shine and condition your hair for a hydrated feel.

With products like these, you’re able to get control over your time and your curls. Don’t let your hair take over your schedule. Use the Mixed Chicks Hair Four Days collection to ensure your hair is looking its best for a few days longer.

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