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Things Your Natural Hair Will Love

By Choya Randolph

We’re at that time of the year where we invest a lot of time and money into gifts for our loved ones. We go crazy over Black Friday and Cyber Monday trying to get the perfect gift for a great price to show our friends and family that we love them. But do you know who deserves some love? Your hair. Let’s go over some things you can do to show your crown that you care about her too.

Steam Treatments

Steam treatments are a great way to give your hair maximum hydration. After shampooing, put in a deep conditioner or hair mask of your choice. Once that’s distributed throughout your hair evenly, it’s time to steam. If you go to the salon, your hairstylist will probably let your hair steam under a hair dryer for 20-30 minutes. If you don’t have the time or desire to go all the way to the salon, you can buy a steam cap online. The steam gently incorporates heat which opens the hair cuticles to absorb the deep conditioner. For my naturals with low porosity hair, this will change your hair completely and in a good way.


As a natural, you probably don’t wash your hair everyday. Doing this will dry your hair and scalp out making your crown vulnerable to breakage and damage. Sometimes our wash days are the only days when we moisturize our hair. For those who choose to moisturize midweek, you probably notice product build up which leads to you needing a shampoo sooner than you’d like. If your hair needs a hydration boost and a cleanse, instead of going through your entire wash day routine, try cowashing. Cowashing is the process of cleansing your hair using a conditioner. It’s a lot less tedious than shampooing. Plus, it cleanses your scalp while hydrating your hair which is great when your shampoo robs you of all your natural hair oils. 

Scalp Massages

You may have enjoyed a relaxing back massage but have you ever gotten a scalp massage? It is a game changer. It has the energy of using a q-tip on your ears. Take your favorite oil and gently massage it in your scalp. If you don’t want to get your fingers oily, you can buy scalp massagers online. Sometimes they get the job done better than our fingers. Plus, they’re affordable. Not only do scalp massages feel good, they enhance blood circulation which can promote thicker hair and growth.

Silk Pillows

When it’s time for bed, you probably put on our handy dandy hair cap. Hair caps do a great job at protecting our hair when we sleep. Because natural hair tends to be fine, the friction on our hair as we sleep just isn’t the wave. That friction can also lead to tangles and we all know how bad tangles can be on our hair. To take this protection a step further, invest in silk pillows. If you’re a rough sleeper who wakes up with your hair cap nowhere to be found, silk pillows will be your new best friend. And if you want to take a break from hair caps, silk pillows will clock in to get the job done. (Plus, silk pillows look boujee and you deserve to have some boujee energy in your personal space.)


Last but not least, show love to your hair. She may not always behave the way you want her to but you gotta love her. Did you know that if you talk to your plant and tell it bad things everyday, it will impact its health? Your plant will be more likely to die or not grow well. But if you were to talk to your plant everyday, giving it words of kindness and encouragement, the plant is more likely to flourish. Our hair is the same. Having a love-hate relationship with your hair isn’t uncommon. Trust me, I get it. But if you want your hair to be at its best, you have to love it, even at its worst.

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