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The Soul of the Rose


The soul of the rose

November 15, 2020– “A rose gazebo creates a special kind of sacred space, filled with a scent that can connect us with the past. Whether freshly cut and placed in a glass vase with winter vegetables, or falling from an old, dry watering can to a Victorian potpourri or the center of a tussie mussie filled with herbs, the rose connects us with our inner selves, with memories of another time, another place, as the past and the present merge. A dry pressed rose petal , falling from a precious book, means that someone was once deeply loved. Throughout the centuries, the rose has symbolized love, life, sexuality and passion, death, the sun, the moon, the heart , the soul, perfection itself. Hafiz, a Sufi poet, calls it “the lovely flower of the heart.” Lucia Bettler shares more in this beautiful meditation on the rose. (3 readings)

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To take actionIs there a particular type of flower that holds a special place in your heart? What does it evoke?



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