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The Song of Grandmother Cricket


Grandma Cricket's Song

February 5, 2021– This beautiful animated short film, inspired by a myth from the Bolivian lowlands, was created by a group of Bolivian animators in collaboration with The Animation Workshop of Denmark. When Grandma Grillo sings, it rains, and in a country marked by water scarcity, the film is a response to the privatization of Bolivia’s water resources by foreign corporations. The Cochabamba water wars of 2000 were a series of massive protests by the indigenous community to withhold access to their water supply, ultimately pressuring the government to revoke the international contract. With the voice of Bolivian singer Luzmila Carpio, the traditional Quechua song weaves the indigenous melody throughout the film, further illuminating the cultural roots of this struggle for the universal right to clean water. (137 reads)

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To take actionNext time you sip a glass of cold water or take a hot shower, be grateful for your ability to do so and think about what you can do today to conserve this precious resource.



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