The Soft-Serve Mullet Is Spring’s Biggest Hair Trend

If you didn’t shave your head on New Year’s Day in a symbolic release of the dumpster-fire year that was 2020, you’re in luck: There are so many spring hair trends to try in 2021! And even if you did get a little scissor-happy, there are some amazing shorter hairstyles and length-neutral colors that are just begging to earn a spot on your head. 

Style-wise, one thing is very clear: Prepare to revisit the haircuts of your (or your mom’s) youth. Retro looks are having a major moment, and that’s especially true of ’90s-inspired hairstyles like flipped-out ends, swoopy updos, and even mullets. The experts we spoke to have been seeing a huge surge in the volume, bangs, and shapes we loved so much before the turn of the century, and they’re excited to revive them in a modern way. 

Spring hair colors are bound by no rules — if it’s a crayon color, it can be a hair color — but stylists are definitely seeing certain shades pulling ahead this season. For more natural hues, there’s a clear trend toward warmer colors, suggesting that platinum blondes and cool-toned reds may be dipping in popularity. Meanwhile, vivid fantasy colors are still going strong, with celebrities like Hilary Duff and Taraji P. Henson leading the charge.

Here, you’ll find the inspiration you’ve been looking for for your spring hairstyle or color. You know how it works: Tap your browser’s “File” menu, then hit “Print” before you make your way to the salon. (Just remember to mask up first!)

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