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The Silk Pillowcase your Hair Deserves

By Jenna Brooks

Silk pillowcases have been proven time and time again to bring life and moisture and protection to your natural textured hair while you sleep. They have unlimited benefits, and whether or not you choose between a pillowcase or hair wrap, this pillowcase and hair wrap will have your hair saying thank you!

Fresh out of Sephora, although a bit on the pricey end, is an amazing silk pillowcase from the brand Slip. The pillowcase comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors, depending on your pillow size and room theme, and has proven benefits for your hair! Since you won’t be awake at night to continuously hydrate and refresh your curls, the silk material the pillowcase is made of is designed to do exactly that. Regular cotton pillowcases can trap oils and bacteria, wearing away at the natural moisture in your hair and preventing your follicles from being able to breathe. The silk case from Slip allows air flow to come through and will protect your scalp and your ends from collecting dust, causing irritation and itchiness.

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Also from the brand, for those with tighter curls and more coiled hair, Slip makes a silk hair wrap. The hair wrap is designed to protect your thick curls from rubbing against a regular cotton pillowcase or just your bed sheets during the night. The hair wrap will protect from breakage in your ends and provide you with moisture and softness all day long! The hair wrap comes pre-tied, so you don’t have to worry about any hassle, rather you can just slip it on and slip right into bed, making your bedtime routine easy and hair-friendly! 

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