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The Muslim Beauty Bloggers Who Have Helped Me Use Makeup on My Own Terms

I found Sally when I was struggling to find modest dresses. Prior to finding her page, I was hesitant to wear satin because I thought it was too fancy, but she inspired me to go outside my comfort zone. Her signature red lips and stunning sense of style are an inspiration to go bold and a personal reminder for me to always stay faithful to myself.

Courtesy Aysha Harun

Makeup has always been a source of creativity for me. Aysha Harun has been through several beauty “phases,” and while she tells me she is definitely past the dramatic and bold looks, she’s loved sharing her journey with makeup and beauty online.

“Today I use makeup to enhance my natural features and compliment my personal style. Don’t get me wrong though, I live for my makeup-free days too. Honestly, I feel beautiful with or without it!” Harun says.

As someone who is olive skin-toned, it was particularly difficult for me to find a foundation shade that matches my skin perfectly. Whenever I went to Sephora, I was always given an option that was either too yellow or excessively pale for me. I stumbled upon Harun on YouTube and Instagram, where she was giving tips on how to find the best foundation for your skin tone. Through her makeup tutorials and advice on what makeup brands to use, I began to appreciate my olive skin tone more.

My journey to finding empowerment through beauty and makeup as a Muslim woman has evolved as I’ve grown, along with our representation in these industries. I am so thankful for the many bloggers out there who share my faith and experiences to pave the way for young women like me to feel comfortable, confident, and happy with who I am. 

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