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The Importance of Consistency in your Hair Routine

By Jenna Brooks

We all want our hair to stay looking beautiful, healthy, and hydrated whether we’re simply hanging out at home, going out for a girls’ night, or on an incredibly important job interview. This is why to ensure that our hair stays naturally strong, we all need to have some sort of consistency in our everyday or weekly routines. 

Our hair is like our skin, and while it is great to try something new time and again, we need to develop some sort of base routine. Constantly surprising your hair with different ingredients, fragrances, and chemicals could start to dry your hair out and strip it down. This large variety can heavily irritate your scalp, causing it to become super itchy or even begin to flake off. 

When you are doing your everyday skincare routine, you tend to follow some guidelines, such as, starting with a cleanser, then going in with a scrub, adding in a nice toner or hair cream, and then finishing off with a moisturizer, give or take a few steps. You can follow your haircare routine in such a fashion, making sure you wash with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, either daily or every few days, then being sure to include a styling product, gel, or leave-in conditioner afterwards for all day strength, then finally finishing off with a hydrating spray that can be used throughout the day whenever you feel your hair beginning to grow tired or dried out. These steps are things that are key in ensuring that your hair is able to stay looking consistently healthy and strong, rather than all over the place depending on the day or the weather.

Additionally, you definitely want to include products in your routine that are able to adapt and protect you from a variety of different weather conditions. This is going to depend on where you live and the climate of your state or country, with those living in more humid climates to want products that will protect from frizz and heat damage, and if you’re living in drier or temperature climates to want something that will bring the hydration to their hair. While this may take some trial and error in the beginning, I recommend either doing some research online for different types of products for your climate or going into a hair salon or place like Ulta Beauty and consulting a professional for their opinion based on your specific hair type. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when going into your hair stylist. They are going to know your hair best, second only to you, and can definitely help to set you on the right path towards developing a consistent routine. They will likely have numerous different products they are able to suggest depending on your hair type and can provide you with a variety of resources for finding what you need if they do not carry it.

While it may feel frustrating at first if you are unable to find products specifically tailored to you, definitely keep looking around as there is always something on the market for everyone. When you are finally able to get your hands on a perfect routine, your hair and your scalp will thank you, they’ll be able to adjust to your products and will stay looking stunning.

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