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The Best Thing I Have Ever Added to My Bathroom: Interior Designers, Editors, Makeup Artists, and More Share

“The best thing I’ve ever added to my bathroom is a marble tray from CB2 that I put all of my skincare on to display it on my bathroom counter. It’s great for making content because it’s really pretty. It makes me remember to do my skincare because it’s sitting right there. And it’s so beautiful to look at.”

CB2 Lilypad Large White Marble Round Server

“Given the wastefulness of traditional toilet tissue and the well-documented toilet paper panic of 2020, I was relieved to learn about other options: I’ve become a big fan of the bamboo toilet paper from Reel; bamboo is a much more regenerative material than trees and I very much appreciate the texture — it’s way softer than I anticipated! Reel’s products are delivered on a cadence you determine so there are no last-minute trips to the nearest store.”

Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

“The best thing I added to my bathroom was this hand-painted, zig-zag mural painted with water resistant bathroom paint, which I then made into a coated wallpaper and can also be used in bathrooms! Adding pattern and warm vibrant colors like this immediately softened the hard stone edges and made my bathroom so much more welcoming. These rose pinks and warm colors also throw a really flattering reflected light around the room, so it makes me look good, which of course makes me happy and is a great start to the day!”

Anna Jacobs Zig Zag Coco Rose Wallpaper

“The best thing I ever added to my bathroom is Oil For the Bath Senses. Not only is it so beautiful to look at [but] it [also] softens my skin and smells like a dream!”

Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath for the Senses

“I love everything about my New York City rental — except for the bathroom. Since I can’t exactly do a complete reno in an apartment I don’t own, I was looking for creative — and temporary — ways to make it feel more like me. So I used removable wallpaper, specifically the RoomMates Tropical Zoo Peel & Stick Wallpaper, to add some interest. Miraculously, the colors in the wallpaper almost make the pre-existing brown tiles look like they were put there purposely.”

RoomMates Tropical Zoo Peel & Stick Wallpaper

“Adding a towel warmer was the absolute best thing to do!  It’s such a wonderful feeling stepping from the shower or tub, and wrapping yourself in a fluffy warm towel.  It truly feels like a hug from your first true love.  And who doesn’t need as much love as possible on a daily basis?”

Rejuvenation Winslow Wall Towel Warmer

Photographed by Douglas Friedman

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