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The Best Edge Brushes to Finesse Your Baby Hairs — Pro Edge Tools

There’s nothing like laying your baby hairs to add the finishing touches on a slicked-down bun, freshly installed box braids, or really, almost any hairstyle you can think of. And though yes, the type of edge control you use to do it is key, if you want a swoopy, swirly hairline, you’ve gotta have the right tools, too. 

And not just any old edge brush you pick up at the beauty supply will cut it (though you can find some good options there). “It has to have hard enough bristles that move the hair easily without scratching the scalp,” explains hairstylist Angela Stevens explains. “The hairline can also be very sensitive, so keeping the balance between sturdy but gentle is key.”

But it’s more than just brushes: There are other kinds of tools hairstylists like to use to put that hairline in check so you can turn it into a gorgeous work of art or just create a uniform sleekness from your roots to your ends. 

We asked a few hairstylists to share exactly which styling tools they use to create artistic baby hairs or just simply maintain a single, straight texture that starts at the root. Keep reading to discover the best tools to perfectly finesse your baby hairs, depending on how you wish to style them.

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