The Best Cheap Foundations Under $20, According to Beauty Editors — Shop NOw

As the beauty industry continues to grow faster than ever before, we are seeing the release of new product innovations every season, every month, and sometimes it can feel like every day. More products equal more options and more market competition, though (that is the way capitalism be, you know). Sophisticated complexion products in wide shade ranges are no longer only found in high-end boutiques and department store counters. There are affordable options for every product category, most relieving of all: foundations. Quality formulas, long-wearing, and transfer-resistant formulas, and yes, inclusive shade ranges are now finally becoming the standard, even at your local drugstore (or its website).

We’re not only seeing diversity in shades, but in formula and finish as well. From lighter options that let your skin breathe, to more full-coverage foundations for those who love a full face, there are quality options for everyone no matter how you like your look. From innovative options like serum foundations that give even the most luxury brands a run for their money, and creamy stick foundations that may have you replacing your high-end sticks, there is now an affordable counterpart for almost every luxury foundation you can think of. We know that you don’t need to break the bank anymore to get a luxury look and feel for a fraction of the price, so we ran through the newest releases and longstanding faves to bring you the 20 of the best foundations that will give you a luxury formula for less than the cost of a (New York City) cocktail.

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