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The 3D Glass Nails in the ‘Lo Vas a Olvidar’ Video Are True Works of Art

Billie Eilish has been firmly established as a big fan of elaborate manicures. Even though she managed to stab herself with her own long, pointy nails while riding a horse (as one does), she hasn’t been deterred, regularly revealing incredible nail art with elements like designer logos and gems. But the manicure she just debuted in her new video with Rosalía for the song “Lo Vas a Olvidar” may very well outdo anything she’s ever worn on her fingertips before.

Both Eilish and Rosalía love wearing creative nail art, and in the case of “Lo Vas a Olvidar,” it’s even a little confusing at first glance. Eilish posted close-up shots of the clear, three-dimensional nails to Instagram, and they’re truly mindblowing/boggling. 

There are bubbles and blobs and… I think I see bananas and flowers? I honestly can’t be sure, and they even appear to morph from photo to photo. Watching the video doesn’t make it any easier to tell what the shapes on Eilish’s and Rosalía’s manicures are supposed to be, as they move around quite a bit, but that doesn’t make them any less mesmerizing and impressive.


Making things a little more clear (no pun intended) is the nail artist behind the amazing work, Sojin Oh. In an Instagram post, she explains that she worked with custom glass pieces by artist Grace Wardlaw, as well as The Gel Bottle’s clear building gel. She also tagged one of Eilish’s go-to nail artists, Tammy Taylor, though it’s not apparent how she contributed to the video look. 

The third slide of the Instagram post above may reveal Oh’s inspiration: flowers coated in icicles. Allure has reached out to her for more details.

In the meantime, enjoy these amazing manicures in action by watching the “Lo Vas a Olvidar” video below.

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