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The 21 Best Winter Nail Colors of 2021

As much time as your hands spend inside gloves during the winter months, it doesn’t negate the joy of having a little color on your fingertips — and I don’t mean the bright pink of nearly frostbitten skin. When the mittens come off, nothing makes holding a cup of life-sustaining hot coffee look quite as chic as a manicure with winter nail colors, whether dark and bold, bright and cheerful, or simple and sheer.

Certain nail polish colors instantly come to mind for winter, like festive red, icy metallics, and deep shades that you might have started wearing as soon as the first signs of fall made themselves known. And while some colors are absolute classics from December through March, there’s nothing about lower temperatures and shorter days that demand you stick to any particular rules about what your manicure should look like.

Here, you’ll find our favorite picks for nail polishes to wear all winter. There’s something for everyone: shades inspired by seasonal phenomena, sweet treats, and the celebrations that warm our hearts when it’s cold outside. And to make sure your hands feel as good as they look, make sure you check out our recommendations for hand creams, too.

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