Taurus Horoscope December 2020 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2020 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Taurus personality profile. 

Welcome to December, Taurus! At the end of November, you snuggled up with a blanket to avoid the eclipse drama and spent some time resting. Now, you may be feeling compelled to reach out to friends when messenger Mercury enters social Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 1. All the isolation we’ve been dealing with this year can lead to loneliness and even depression — do what you can to reconnect with loved ones, whether IRL or over the phone. Even a virtual hangout can help make you feel cared for. 

After all, when you talk to others, it helps you remember that many of us are collectively sharing the same struggles. From money worries to political woes to the stress of figuring out holiday visits during a pandemic, it’s been a hell of a year, but you are not alone. And even though you like keeping cozy under a blanket, Taurus, you’ve still managed to be productive. Don’t lose momentum. Whether it’s taking on a new hobby, asking for more responsibility at work, or launching an anti-racism fundraiser, shoot your shot on Thursday, December 10. The abundant sun in Sagittarius trines warrior Mars in Aries, creating a very lucky day. 

You may feel overwhelmed on Monday, December 14 when there’s a new moon and a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses are always stressful, and loudmouth Sag is making this one extra dramatic. There are so many reasons to love this sign. They are always up for an adventure, tell captivating tales, and can really throw a party. But Sagittarius can also be a bit pushy, which can feel a bit overwhelming during a time when many of us just want to stay safe. Stay in if you’re feeling protective of yourself.

Then, your ruling planet, lover Venus, enters Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 15. If you haven’t yet, firm up your COVID-19 dating boundaries and firmly express them if anyone tries to push you out of your comfort zone. 

Most of us are exhausted politically, due to a crucial election that’s being dragged out. Astrology can’t make our leaders act like adults, but when Saturn re-enters progressive Aquarius on Wednesday, December 16, it becomes even more clear that it’s time to leave behind outdated thinking in favor of a more modern approach. This vibe continues on Saturday, December 19, when lucky Jupiter also enters revolutionary Aquarius, opening roads for much-needed change. 

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