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Tastes Like A Chocolate Malt Shake

This tastes like a chocolate malt shake is a delicious and nutritious shake, perfect for dessert or breakfast! It’s naturally gluten-free unlike malt shakes and is vegan-friendly as well!

If you’ve never had a malted shake before, they’re rich, creamy, and delicious!

They typically contain malted milk which gives it the earthy, malty flavor. Malted milk powder is an evaporated powder made from malted barley, wheat, and milk. Additionally like most milkshakes, malted shakes contain ice cream, milk, and cocoa powder.

But this chocolate malt shake doesn’t contain any malted milk powder and instead utilizes cocoa powder and maca powder. That makes it friendly for anyone who does not eat dairy or gluten and also adds in an extra dose of nutrients to fuel your day!

Not Malt, Maca

Maca is a type of cruciferous vegetable (in the family with kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage), which comes from Peru.

The maca root is the part of the plant that’s typically dried and grounded to create a powder, which is more commonly found that in the other forms such as pills or tinctures.

Maca has been used for hormonal balance, aphrodisiac, increase stamina, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, increase physical strength and endurance, and improve mental focus/clarity. Although the scientific evidence for the claims of maca is not at a significant level yet, the mineral and vitamin-rich content justify this root to be a great root powder to incorporate into your diet for the flavor and minerals alone!

Maca is nutrient-dense and has a malty, nutty, and rich flavor. It contains vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, vitamin B6, and polyphenols.

Make It A Foundational Five Nourish Meal

Make this smoothie a complete meal

A Foundational Five Nourish Meal contains all five elements of a balanced meal: Non-starchy Carbohydrates, Starchy or Sugary Carbohydrates, Healthy Fat, Protein, and the Flavor Factor.

To make this a complete meal, make sure you have all five elements on your plate!

Our Foundational Five Nourish Meals can be found as smoothies, yogurts, oatmeal bowls or breakfast bowls, nourish bowls, salads, soups, stews, and many more.

If you need more support with creating balanced meals, sign up for the Healthy Eating Made Easy with The Foundational Five course.

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