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Smaller African American Hair Care Businesses to Support

By Jenna Brooks

There are so many different hair care brands out there, with a myriad of different products for a range of different hair types. However, unfortunately, hair care brands for African American hairstyles tend to be few and far between. With Black Friday coming up very soon, here are some amazing smaller and lesser known African American hair care brands to consider supporting and shopping with in the future. . .

A definite standout brand to support this holiday season is Oyin Handmade. The brand is owned by an African American woman who was frustrated with the lack of representation for the African American community in the hair care field. She wanted to create a brand that was all inclusive and all natural so that black women would have different options in trying to find new, organic hair care products. The brand offers a range of products including hair masks, deep conditioners, and even body products for all of your beauty needs this holiday season.

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Next on the list is something more exclusive for those with hair type 4C, called 4Conly. The brand offers a wide range of products from shampoo and conditioners, to styling cremes for your everyday routine. The brand owner was looking to branch out into the community for those with the most textured and most underrepresented hair type, 4C. Their products contain natural ingredients such as aloe and grape seed oil to keep your 4C hair feeling moisturized and soft throughout the day, and potentially even up to 36 hours. The styling crème is designed to protect your hair from roots to tip and still leave you feeling nice and soft for as long as you need.

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Finally, the last entry on our list is CurlMix, a smaller brand for women with all types of curls. This brand, however, is definitely not small by any means, making appearances on Shark Tank and being a sworn success by Oprah herself. They are a subscription service completely tailored to your hair care needs, much like Function of Beauty or Curology. They have you take a simple quiz to determine your hair type and what you want to focus on when it comes to your hair products, using this information they pick out products specially designed for you to send every 1-3 months.

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