Simple And Clean Rhinestones Makeup Tutorial

Rhinestone makeup makes your face look absolutely stunning with very little effort. While it may sound scary for some people to put face sequins and rhinestones on their eyes, learning how to apply rhinestones to face is actually very easy and straightforward.

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Simple & Easy Rhinestone Makeup Tutorial Just for You

What You’ll Need:

How To:

  1. Apply your primer all over your eyelids and onto your face. Use a brush and gently spread it evenly. Then set it with your setting powder.
  2. Using your eyeshadow palette, work on your eyes starting on your upper crease. You can use any neutral eye palette you have. Then, using a clean brush, blend it in making sure everything is spread out seamlessly.
  3. Apply a bronzer to your eyelids. Gently pat the bronzer using your fingers and apply a nice thin layer.
  4. Then, use your eye-roller bright pencil and apply that on your waterline, add brown eyeshadow under your waterlines and blend everything in.
  5. Next is to apply your foundation. Just like how you applied the primer, apply it gently into your face. Using a makeup sponge or a blending brush, spread the foundation all over your face using a dabbing motion. A makeup sponge helps with blending the foundation seamlessly.
  6. To warm up your face, draw short lines using your concealer. For the lines, draw fan shapes under your eyes, between your brows, and on your chin. Place dots on other face spots that need coverage. Blend the concealer using a wet makeup sponge. Lastly, blend using a dabbing motion so as not to tug on the skin.
  7. Apply a setting powder and blend it in making sure all areas are seamlessly covered.
  8. Add color to your face by applying the blush and blending it into your chicks.
  9. The next step is to highlight your face. Apply the highlighter in the center of your nose, on the high points of your forehead, and into your cupid’s bow.
  10. We are down to the moment of truth in our full-face rhinestones makeup tutorial because it is time to apply your rhinestones! Dip the rhinestones into the clear lash glue then slowly apply them to your face. There’s no specific placement of the rhinestones. You can place them and scatter them wherever you want.
  11. Let’s get some finishing touches done! Grab your lipstick or tinted lipgloss and apply them to your lips. Set your face with a setting spray, and you are good to go with your gorgeous rhinestones makeup!

Finished Look:

If you’re wondering where to buy rhinestones for your face, you can find them everywhere–online or in any makeup or craft store near you.

When choosing the right rhinestones to put on your face, make sure to pick small ones so you can choose the intensity and adjust it accordingly.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 10, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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