DYNAPRO has new treasures!

This afternoon we glad to present to you some really wonderful products. There are a few items in DYNAPRO worth featuring today, so let us get going as quick as possible!

Number 1 today is
Core Exercise Sliders

Work Out with Versatility The DynaPro ab glider set is designed to bring the gym right into your home. A set of fitness sliders is all you need to strengthen your core and hit everything from your shoulders, abs, chest, arms, legs, to glutes.

Smoothness You’ll Love Whether your home or hotel room is fitted with carpet, hardwood, tile, or laminate, our sliders gliding discs ensure super-smooth movement every time. There’s a fabric side for hard surfaces and an opposite slick side for carpet and softer floors. Treat yourself to a core sliders disc set that’s all about beautiful form.

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The 2nd product on the list for today is Battle Rope 30ft, 40ft, or 50ft.

✔ BATTLE ROPES are an excellent way to improve your fitness endurance while working the upper body. We use a Unique Polydacron Blend that will improve wave action and durability. The industry normal 100% Polydacron is very soft and wont last as long as the DYNAPRO Blend will. We also increased the durability and added a little stiffness for a more comfortable workout.

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For the 3rd item on our list today is DYNAPRO Professional Grade Hex Dumbbell Weights.

DYNAPRO Hex Dumbbells – Designed by industry experts with a unique rubber to prevent floor scuffs and discoloration (oxidation). The hex pattern keeps your weights in place in between sets and eliminates dumbbell roll. The quality construction is made to be used as home workout equipment or in a commercial environment. Weight range from 5LB – 45LB, sold INDIVIDUALLY. These dumbbells will last a lifetime. 

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After that we have Comfort Fit – Fabric Mini Band ( SET).

SUPERIOR COMFORT: These Fabric Resistance Bands will change the way you work out, feel the freedom of motion without worrying about uncomfortable bands rolling or pulling on your skin. We have eliminated all rubber-skin contact with this design.
PERFORMANCE: Tone those legs with lateral bands that won’t hold you back. DYNAPRO Products are made with the highest quality material on the market, our Team of Personal Trainers put every product to the test to ensure the best quality for you.

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And next up we’ve got Power Resistance Bands / Pull-up Assistance Bands.

Pull-up Bands/ Power Resistance Bands Designed for Durability

Add a Door Anchor for increased Versatility. 

These resilient power resistance bands are made of natural rubber with 6 different color-coded resistance levels: Yellow (1-15 lbs); Red (5-30 lbs); Black (10-60 lbs); Purple (30-80 lbs); Green (50-125 lbs); and Blue (70-170 lbs). You can use them individually, combine multiple bands, or use them in conjunction with standard weight equipment to perform chest presses, bicep curls, and overhead extensions. The unparalleled versatility of DYNAPRO Resistance Bands let you adapt

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