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Selfless Cop Picks Up Smelly Hitchhikers, Drives Them 40 Miles – And Stops For BBQ!


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By Anya

Dave Jones and his girlfriend, from Umbria, Italy, were hiking in the California mountains of the John Muir Trail when they ran out of food and needed to restock.

They were near Independence and wanted to try traveling to the larger city of Bishop, 42 miles away.

Unsure of the laws, they walked to the outskirts of the city and their hearts immediately sank, believing they were in trouble for accepting a trip, when immediately “a police patrol arrived.”

Adam Otten, from the highway patrol in Bishop, left, but instead of writing them a ticket, he offered them, “and another smelly hiker,” a ride.

“Not only did I get to go to the front, with the prisoner girls in the back, Adam volunteered to stop by his father’s barbecue place for lunch,” Jones told GNN.

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They were starving after eating nothing but dry vegan food for hikes and chia breakfasts for a week. Once at the Copper Top grill, Dave feasted on a pulled pork sandwich, while his girlfriend enjoyed a potato salad.

Adam then proceeded to lead the trio the rest of the way, leaving the hikers safe in Bishop.

“He was a true gentleman and explained that his job was ‘Protect and Serve’:” When I am not protecting, I am serving. “

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Despite the fact that this happened in 2018, Dave never forgot it and took the opportunity to thank the officer for “that moment of servitude.”

“When I read about your last ‘Good cop‘He immediately led me back to that meeting with Officer Adam, and our lunch at Big Pine. “

“He was a super nice guy.”

“Despite the bad press, there are good cops everywhere.”

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