Scorpio Horoscope November 2020 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2020 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Scorpio personality profile. 

Welcome to November, Scorpio! It’s still your season, and your friends are grateful to have a friend like you who knows how to celebrate Halloween even in a pandemic. November continues the jump scares, though perhaps not in a fun way. On Tuesday, November 3, Mercury retrograde in your sign finally ends on Election Day, and tensions are high. You may feel ready to pounce, so make sure you’re in a calm, supportive environment when you watch the results come in. Shove your phone under a pillow, or better yet, put it on airplane mode. Too much time on social media will drive you mad, and you need to be on top of your game for the rest of the month. 

As Mercury retrograde ends, the communication planet leaves Libra, the sign of justice, and then reenters your sign on Tuesday, November 10. You may feel unusually paranoid during this time. Be careful of misinterpreting neutral texts as having a negative tone and lashing out at loved ones who don’t deserve it. Remember, Scorpio, these are hard times for nearly everyone. Make time for meditation, exercise, or any other preferred method of stress relief. Everyone could use a little tenderness right now. 

One of your ruling planets, warrior Mars, has also been retrograde since September. This cosmic retrograde hinders sex, ambition, and our will to fight for what we believe in. Scorpio hates feeling weak. You want to march, yell, and make love. Thankfully, the fighter planet goes direct in bossy Aries on Friday, November 13, reenergizing your libido. 

One of Scorpio’s signature traits is the ability to hold a grudge. You can cling on to revenge fantasies as if you’re Gollum and your grudges are a precious stone. But this negative energy usually hurts you far more than it hurts your enemies. During the dark new moon in your sign on Saturday, November 14, perform a banishing ritual to rid yourself of some of this weight. Buy a black candle, and hold onto it while visualizing all of your resentments entering the candle. Then place it on your altar or a special place in your home and light that baby up. As it burns, let this energy go. Take a warm bath afterward to complete the new moon ritual. 

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