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Salon Pro DIY Hair Care for Winters in Quarantine

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The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has brought out the “kitchen beautician” in many of us due to the limited access to salons and barbershops. Although many people are now working from home, they still don’t have the option of not doing their hair because of Zoom meetings and video conferences. These diligent workers (and their hair) are still seen, just on a screen instead of in person, so they must continue to look professional and prepared every day. The need for protective styles is now greater than ever since those styles will buy some time until the safe and happy reunion of your crown and your favorite cosmetologist or barber. 

Salon Pro® 30 Sec prides itself in providing tools to our customers that will help them maintain their hair by themselves at home because we understand “Winter Is Coming.” In the next months, seasons will change, and the dry air and bitter cold can be brutal on hair. The drop in temperatures may lead you to start wearing protective styles or hats. 

Whatever type of protective style you choose to do—quick weaves, braids, or wigs—be sure and use some of our best-selling products, which are designed to treat your hair and scalp with nourishment and love.

To get the best protection from your styles during these freezing months, try these tips for different styles below.  

The Perfect Quick Weave

To get a rocking weave from the very start, try this tip: In a bowl, mix Salon Pro 30 SEC® On-Contact Soothing Serum and Hair Food: Vitamin E with Shea Butter. Once thoroughly mixed, line your scalp with this mixture. The hydrating blend will nourish your hair and scalp with nutrients and moisturizers, helping to prevent dryness and head-scratching in the future.

Next, grab your Salon Pro 30 SEC® Weave Molding Gel, apply all over your hair and let dry. This strong gel helps keep the hair firmly in place in preparation for weaving and/ or adding hairpieces. Once hair is dry and molded, the hair is secured. Apply Salon Pro 30 Sec® Argan Oil Weave Wonder Wrap. This formula prepares, preserves, and conditions your hair, helping to prevent brittleness and harm from the elements. Sit under a hairdryer for 10-15 minutes. After your hair is completely dry, apply Salon Pro 30 SEC® Super Hair Bonding Glue to your wefts, and press gently onto your head. No time will be wasted here because this glue dries lightning-fast and delivers a secure hold you can trust. 

When it’s time to remove your weave, you can stop ripping out chunks of your hair with this tip: Saturate the base of your hair with Salon Pro 30 Sec® Hair Bond Remover Oil with Olive Oil. Massage in, and let it sit to begin loosening hair, giving it time to fully dissolve the bonds so you can preserve as much of your natural hair as possible when pulling out the tracks. After letting the product sit for a few minutes, gently remove the tracks.

To remove excess residue after removing all tracks, cleanse hair gently with Salon Pro 30 SEC® Residue Remover Shampoo to leave hair soft and free of debris. 

For even deeper cleans, detoxify your scalp with apple cider vinegar to thoroughly remove all residue from your hair. Continue to shampoo and condition your hair as normal. 

For Natural Hair

To create beautiful braids, twists, or other styles, use Salon Pro Twin Olive Styling Gel for maximum hold and radiant shine as you sculpt and style your hair. Next, use Hair Food: Vitamin E with Shea Butter to oil your scalp and keep it hydrated and comfortable. For the finishing touch, spritz Salon Pro™ Braid Sheen Shine Spray Argan Oil 8 in 1 all over so braids stay tightly secured and silky soft with a radiant, polished sheen. Use the spray throughout the week to give it that extra shine all the time. 

For Wigs

To keep your lace front wigs looking lavish, braid your hair first, then oil your scalp with Hair Food: Coconut Oil with Almond and Olive Oil to deeply moisturize and restore the proper oil-moisture balance to your hair. Use Chic Bond™ Invisible Hold Lace Wig Bonding System to lock down your lace front and stop it from matting. Keep it tangle-free with our Oil-Free Weave Detangler, a feather-light spray that you can use either as a detangler or leave-in conditioner to help soften, condition, and prevent matting and tangling. When the time comes to take off your wig, use Chic Bond™ Lace Wig Bond Conditioning Remover. It instantly dissolves wig glue and safely removes your wig with no damage and no snatched edges. 

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