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Ryan Reynolds Coloring Blake Lively’s Hair Is What True Love Looks Like – Video

It’s hard to believe that it was nearly a year ago that, in an attempt to keep her hair color fresh while isolating near the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Blake Lively requested an at-home kit from colorist Rona O’Connor that would be administered by none other than her husband, Ryan Reynolds. At the time, Blake didn’t share the results. But now, she’s giving us a peek at what it looks like when Reynolds has a go at her roots.

On Sunday, February 14, Lively shared a time-lapse video on Instagram showing the couple in a bathroom, going through the motions of a rather professional-looking hair-coloring session. At first, it seems Reynolds is serving as an assistant as Lively carefully sections her hair and clips it up. But then we see that Reynolds takes the reins, gloved and wielding the brush as he paints Lively’s roots with the concoction in the bowl. 

In the next slide, we see the lovely results of the couples’ coloring session in a sunny selfie, Lively golden blonde looking as gorgeous as ever.

“That time I f*d my hairdresser,” Lively wrote as the caption. It’s unclear if this was the couple’s Valentine’s Day activity or if the video is from months ago and just being shared now, but either way, it’s seriously impressive. And their celebrity friends agree.

“The sectioning is really really good 🤤💁🏻,” Jonathan Van Ness wrote in the comments, while Ashley Tisdale said, “What can’t he do?!” and Gal Gadot commented, “Now that’s love!!😻.” Meanwhile, Martha Stewart took the opportunity to recommend her brand’s pruning clippers — and herself, apparently — for hairstyling purposes, writing, “Actually my new @MarthaStewart48 secateurs would do a wonderful job! I am available 24 hours a day.”

It may not come as a surprise that Lively turned to Reynolds for an at-home hair appointment. After, Reynolds told Stephen Colbert back in early April last year that he was going to let Lively cut his hair while they were staying home despite the fact that the previous time she’d attempted to cut his hair herself, “it looked like she’d done the whole thing only using a lighter or like those gloves made of sandpaper.”

Thankfully, for Lively, Reynolds seems much more skilled as a colorist than that.

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