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Rosalía Shares Her Makeup, Nail, & Skin-Care Routines — Interview

Though Rusi Woo and Ruby Woo are lipsticks, she loves how she can use them both if she needs pigment on the eyes or cheeks. With a brush and a little bit of blending, you can create a pretty blush or eye shadow. “Sometimes in my day-to-day, I cannot carry everything in my bag, but I will always have the lipstick because I can use it in many different ways,” she shares.

On the red carpet, Rosalía may pull out all the glam makeup and interesting nail art, but for her day-to-day routines, she likes something more subdued, especially when she’s working in the studio. While she’s known for her eye-catching nails, which are usually long as hell, sometimes they can get in the way if she needs to play an instrument or work with certain recording equipment. 

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So on those days, she’ll work with her natural nails and a nude nail polish. She likes the Anís shade in the collection because it “makes sense with the mood.” If she wants to spice it up, she likes the MAC nail stickers that come with pretty jewels. “I love that maybe I can put some stickers on the nails and that can be everything,” she shares. “Or even if I go out to have dinner at night, instead of wearing jewelry, I will wear shiny stickers on my nails.”

When she’s having fun with long nails, ballerina and stiletto shapes tend to be her go-to. But she really loves all kinds of shapes — especially uniquely sculpted ones. One of her favorite manicures was a 3D clear set (shown below) that nail artist Soji Nails created for the “La Noche De Anoche” music video where Rosalía starred alongside Bad Bunny. 

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Whether she’s strutting on the red carpet in full glam attire or just chilling in the studio with a hint of Rusi Woo on her lips, the international star will turn out a look, and, of course, we will be tuned in. 

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