Rodan + Fields Reformulated Its Classic Redefine Line | Exclusive

The updated regimen starts with two cleanser options, Daily Clay Cleanser or Daily Foaming Cleanser (both $45). “The focus of our cleansers is exfoliation,” says Rodan. Choose between the Daily Clay Cleanser for a more physical exfoliation, courtesy of kaolin clay, or Daily Foaming Cleanser for an alpha hydroxy acid-based chemical exfoliation.

Both cleansers now contain glyceryl glucoside, which comes from the combination of a desert plant and blue-green algae. As cosmetic chemist David Petrillo explains, the ingredient is known as an “extremolyte” since it derives from plants that survive in harsh environments. When it comes to skin care, the molecules work similarly. 

“It’s said to help increase resistance in skin cells,” says Petrillo. “It boosts cell renewal within the epidermis, with an increase in skin moisture and a significant boost in elasticity.” Both washes are lightweight in texture and clean skin without stripping it, but, if we had to pick one, our tester found the Daily Foaming Cleanser gentle enough to use twice a day, while the Daily Clay Cleanser is better suited as a treatment a few times a week.

The second step, a brand-new formulation of Pore Refining Toner ($50), is universal. “The new toner is really focused on brightening the skin,” says Rodan. The active ingredient here is niacinamide, which helps even skin texture tone and reduces the look of dark spots. 

According to Petrillo, niacinamide “has many skin benefiting properties” including “locking in moisture while reducing irritation and impurities from environmental damage.” It’s also an anti-inflammatory, which makes it useful for skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. (A welcome reprieve for our tester, who has sensitive skin.) The regimen also makes use of niacinamide in the overnight moisturizers.

The next step is broad-spectrum SPF 30 ($50), now available in a lotion or cream. (Both Rodan and Fields are dermatologists, which means they’re not going to let customers skimp on sunscreen.) The newly added lotion option was designed for those of us who want a more lightweight day moisturizer. 

That philosophy has poured over into the night moisturizer, which is also available in two textures. Overnight Restorative Cream or Overnight Reparative Lotion ($90) both sculpt and plump skin while you sleep, which our tester says is a nice treat to wake up to every morning.

And best of all — that’s it. Cleanser, toner, and SPF moisturizer or night cream, and you’re done. You can also mix and match with other R+F regimens (or your own products), but this line is designed to be the only thing you need on the bathroom counter. “We’re always looking to have the best skin of our lives,” says Fields. “And the bar is very high.”

The Rodan + Fields Redefine collection is available now on rodanandfields.com, or via any Rodan and Fields consultant.

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