Review: Tatcha Adds a Dewy Serum to Its Lineup — See the Details

The hydrating elements are bolstered by plant-derived hyaluronic acid and squalane straight from sugarcane. Not only do they help plump skin, but they combine with the Hadasei-3 complex to also ensure your skin’s moisture barrier is in tip-top condition during the chilly months — and beyond. For those unfamiliar with this part of your skin, it’s basically a security system. At its best, the moisture barrier protects from irritation, fine lines, and dehydration by retaining moisture and keeping skin dewy and smooth. 

The only oil spiking The Dewy Serum is crambe abyssinica seed oil, which is drawn from a mustard-related plant with a high level of fatty acids to help skin lock in moisture, says Romanowski. Why did Tatcha pick this oil in particular? It’s lightweight, non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and “makes it very easy to layer with other products,” Sparacio adds. (I can attest to this. I have acne-prone skin, and so far, so good.) “Dewy Serum allows you to prime the skin and bring the skin to its functional level.”

So after you slather on The Dewy Serum, you can reach for your favorite vitamin C serum or moisturizer. You can also blend foundation over it without any piling happening. “The Dewy Serum helps makeup grab onto skin and gives it a naturally radiant finish,” makeup artist Daniel Martin, who is also Tatcha’s global director of artistry and education, tells Allure. “I’ll also mix it with full-coverage foundation or concealer to sheer out the coverage and give it a more life-like finish.”

Ready to make Tatcha’s The Dewy Serum a part of your winter skin-care routine? Well, you’ll have to wait until December 22 to add it to your cart on tatcha.com and sephora.com for $88, but you can get a head start on shopping it if you have Sephora’s mobile app. A pre-sale will be running on December 21.  

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