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Review: Riddle’s Original Roll-On Oil Has Converted Me to Fragrance Oils

For me finding a new fragrance is a little bit like pre-pandemic dating. It only happens once in a while, and unless I am one hundred percent sure that I want to wear a scent all the time, I won’t commit. As a Taurus, I take my sweet sweet time when it comes to relationships. It might sound silly, but because scents are so strongly tied to memories, I consider them an emotional investment. So finding one that I enjoy enough to wear all of the time is a big deal for me. It’s rare that I pick up a bottle and immediately fall in love with a scent at first whiff, but the Riddle Oil Original Roll-On fragrance is one of those exceptions.

The scent inside this rollerball is exactly what I look for in a fragrance. It smells crisp and clean like freshly washed linen. The notes of amber and musk give it warmth without being overpowering. There’s a depth to it that’s not too woodsy, making it the perfect combo for a fall to winter fragrance. A little bit dabbed on to my wrists is all I need, and it lasts all day because it’s a concentrated oil.

I love that the bottle is small enough to throw in a purse so I can still smell good even when I’m in a rush and forgot to apply it in the morning. (Fragrance tends to be an afterthought for me. I always forget to apply some before I leave the house.) The scent even stays true after a sweaty workout. I was afraid that mixing a perfume oil with body heat and sweat would morph into something unpleasant or offensive. To my surprise, the fragrance only got stronger and made me smell like I wasn’t doing a 45 minutes high-intensity workout even though I was sweating bullets.

You’ll find Riddle Oil Original Roll-On in our limited-edition Allure Fragrance Beauty Box.


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