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REVIEW: Mayvenn’s Free Custom Wig Services Are The Ultimate Slay

It’s not news to anyone who follows me on social media that I am obsessed with wigs and protective styles. I’m always looking for unique ways to rock a new hairstyle without damaging my natural hair. While I love switching things up, I’m no hairstylist. Certain looks are just too advanced for me, even with the help of YouTube. Melting my lace, for example, is a technique I have yet to master and have determined to leave to the professionals.

Enter: Mayvenn Hair.

Late last year, the brand debuted a custom wig service that allows customers to purchase three bundles of hair and have their wigs customized for free by a local stylist of their choice. Installation and wig maintenance services are also available as a complimentary add-on.

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When Mayvenn Hair reached out to me to try one of these new services, I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve always been a fan of the brand’s bundles and was excited to have a custom wig made. I have a larger head than most, so having a unit created specifically for my head was necessary. Most Mayvenn wigs can fit a head that has a 22-inch circumference. But my head is a big ol’ 23 inches, so the custom option was the best route for me. A Mayvenn representative helped me choose three Virgin Brazilian Loose Wave bundles and a 360 closure.

Jessica De Vault // Photo Courtesy

Fast forward a few days later, my bundles and closure arrived. I scheduled an appointment with Javonda Jackson of GlamNovaj ( for the following week. Before the installation, I dropped off my hair to the stylist and had my head measured. When I returned for my second appointment several weeks later, I was pleased to see that the wig was not only completed, but was pre-tweezed by the stylist, too.

The installation took a couple of hours, but the final look was undeniably stunning. Javonda finished the installation with wand curls, resulting in a voluminous, H.E.R.-inspired look. I couldn’t believe how easy the process was, and there’s no doubt that it’s a lifesaver to have access to one of these services for only the cost of your hair purchase.

NOTE: Only one service is free with your hair purchase. I received a total of two services – the Custom 360 Lace Wig and the 360 Frontal Install. Most of the Mayvenn services range from $75 to $225, so you can always add on service and pay the additional fee. 

For those who are money conscious but still want to slay, they’ll appreciate the convenience and cost effectiveness of these services. I am absolutely in love with my new hair and will definitely use Mayvenn Hair again for my next look!

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