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Review: Elie Tahari Eau Du Parfum Feels Like a Vacation

I’ve always kept my skin-care and makeup collections stocked (and restocked) to the brim but I’ve never given my fragrance collection the same level of attention. I have a few favorites that I used to spritz on before work, but I’ve neglected them as the pandemic has worn on. It’s been difficult enough to switch out of my pajamas, let alone wear makeup or put on fragrance.

But now that we’re some seven months into this work-from-home reality, I’m reintegrating certain aspects of my pre-COVID beauty routine into my days. And I’m finding joy in using products just for the sake of using them, without needing to attach any practical purpose to them. As in, no one’s going to get a whiff of my perfume, but it’s soothing as heck to have my immediate surroundings smell like a lush garden instead of stale indoor air. After I tried Elie Tahari Eau Du Parfum, with its notes of sparkling bergamot, dewy violet leaves, juicy pear, green fig, and magnolia, for the very first time, I immediately knew it was a scent I’d want to revisit over and over again. If I can’t physically be wandering around a small town off of the Silician coast, admiring fig trees, I can at least mentally be there. 

This perfume is everything I want in a scent. Inviting and rich, but not intense or overwhelming. Pleasantly floral and bright, but not sickly sweet (my biggest fragrance pet peeve). It smells familiar and comforting, even if I can’t quite pinpoint the origin. It transcends any particular season. I would definitely wear this uplifting, airy scent all year round. 

When I’m feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list, I’ll spritz some Elie Tahari onto my wrists and bring them up to my nose — and it’s like an instant mood boost that gives my brain something else to focus on for a few moments. I’m not an outdoorsy person, and decidedly less so this year, so this is my way of stopping and smelling the roses (or magnolias) as I navigate blurred lines between work and “free time.” I keep my pretty gold bottle next to my computer so I can re-up the scent as needed. Ok, spoiler alert: I don’t really need to, but that won’t stop me from intensifying my sweet-smelling bubble throughout the day anyways.

You’ll find a 30-milliliter bottle of Elie Tahari Eau Du Parfum in our limited-edition Allure Fragrance Beauty Box.


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