Rebecca Minkoff’s First Eau de Parfum Helps Me Reset – Review

It sounds cliché, but it’s also a very true fact that scent is the sense most closely associated with memory. Just take a walk down any department store’s candle section and you’ll instantly be transported to various still frames of your life. A whiff of winter pine and fir can send you back to age eight, dressed in red flannel pajamas and opening Christmas presents. The coconut-y smell of sunscreen brings me to a warm day in elementary school right before summer vacation. I love that I have the ability to manufacture these moments by spritzing on a perfume in the morning.

When I first tried Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum, I struggled to find a scent memory association, which was rare for me. I wasn’t reminded of a day crunching leaves beneath my shoes on a walk to the park. I wasn’t reminded of my first summer at sleep-away camp and waking up to the sound of a trumpet every morning. I wasn’t even able to attach descriptive words to the fragrance I was smelling. With notes of jasmine, coriander, bergamot, cardamom, and tobacco, there is an obvious warmth, but it is profoundly subtle.

But then, it occurred to me: it’s a clean slate. The scent isn’t supposed to slap you across the face. In fact, it’s tied to nothing in particular so therefore, it can be tied to anything. It could be the scent of meeting a stranger, reading a good book by the fireplace, or even holding your baby niece for the first time. Wearing it means that I’m not predisposed or destined for a certain, repeatable type of day. The possibilities are endless and its subtlety is actually quite poetic.

I’ve been reaching for the 100 percent recycled bottle and spritzing this perfume on every time that I need to be reminded that today doesn’t have to be the same as yesterday (which has been a lot in quarantine, to be honest). Every day is a clean slate and I don’t have to throw on the same loungewear, stare at my laptop for hours, and then go to bed. And quite frankly, I’d take that reminder over a moment in my childhood any day.

You’ll find Rebecca Minkoff Eau Du Parfum in our limited-edition Fragrance Allure Beauty Box.


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