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10 Behaviors That Make You More Likable


Do you consider yourself nicer than anyone else? Do you go out of your way to help others and are never too busy to offer a shoulder to cry on? There are two kinds of people in this world: egocentric and those who consider their fellow man.

Why are the people in life who are rude, direct and very impolite the ones who climb the corporate ladder with ease? If you consider the most successful business owners, you will probably find someone who is not afraid to be aggressive and manipulative to get to where they are today. Now, not everyone is like that, as there are many good people in this world.

However, it takes moxie to get to the top, and these people are generally not nice. When you build business and personal relationships, you want to associate with people who are nice to be around. Individuals who have a pleasant personality, are polite, modest, and pleasant are the genuinely pleasant ones.

Behaviors of the nicest

Why are individuals more enthralled with those who have these endearing qualities than with someone assertive and impolite? How do you think others see you? Do they see you as someone who is truly blue, or do they shun you? Here is a list of ten behaviors to consider to help you be more likable.

1. Laughter is commonplace

Have you ever been with someone who exudes joy? Their laugh is infectious and they attract you with their sense of humor. One thing that endures in these people is that they can admit when they make a mistake.

The difference between them and other people is that they laugh at their wrongdoings and try not to make the same mistake again. They don’t care if they seem silly and find themselves in situations where they didn’t show their best side. These events make great stories to share with others.

The weirdness of this person is that people respect her more for being so cheerful and open rather than thinking she is weird. To be more like this person, it’s okay to admit when you screw up, and it’s okay to let your guard down every now and then.

Do you remember the old saying that when you laugh, the world laughs with you, but when you cry, you will cry alone? It is easy to see why this rhetoric is so accurate. More, laughter is always good medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

2. They have never met a stranger

Some people are social butterflies. They talk and share their opinions with you, but they also want to know what you think. They have an innate ability to make others open up to them.

His super power is making people feel valued and their opinion counts. To be a budding socialite, ask your friends or co-workers honest questions and strike up a good conversation. These people can talk for hours with someone they know during a chance encounter.

To get to this level, you must learn to interact with others with an interesting conversation and a friendly tone. These people never want friends, as they have a large social circle.

3. Respect for others

To be more likeable, you must learn the value of respect. Simple things like keeping eye contactSmiling frequently and never interrupting someone when they are speaking will make you accessible. Focus on nonverbal cues that can keep you in tune with the conversation and help you bond.

4. Say less and listen more

One of the most frustrating things about some people is their incessant talk about themselves. They want to tell you everything about their life, but there never seems to be a moment in the conversation for you to talk about yours. Being respectful to another human being means that he too has the opportunity to speak.

People who tend to talk about themselves continuously are the ones who tend to be egocentric or narcissistic, and you don’t want them as friends. To make others like you more, give them the floor to speak. What they have to say is as valuable as their comment.

5. Be vulnerable

There is nothing worse than someone trying to get over it bragging about their success. These people can talk about all their connections, the things they have accomplished, and they want to chat about who is more successful.

These undeclared competitions are unpleasant, and if you want to be nicer, you will avoid them. These people will never admit that they have a weakness or that they have failed at things. If you do something great, the events in his life will always be greater than yours.

To avoid being obnoxious, you need to share your successes with others and be willing to compliment theirs. If you have enough self-confidence, then you won’t mind being a little vulnerable. You will not need to impress people with artificial or embellished stories, as they will like you for what you are.

6. Avoid omitting names

If you want to be nicer, don’t flatter people by failing to mention their name. Sure, you met Bon Jovi at a concert once, but your friends don’t want to hear him all the time. People who always want to point out the “big wigs” they have encountered in life brag.

Bragging is annoying and is not long-lasting behavior. Sure, it’s exciting to meet someone famous or rub shoulders with someone cool, but all you need is to tell your friends once. Nice people can rub shoulders with the rich and famous and have connections, but they don’t talk about it incessantly.

7. Always remember the names

There is nothing worse than forgetting a name that you must remember. It is essential to remember the smallest details, as they make you feel proud of yourself. Plus, people love when others can remember the names of their kids, dogs, spouse, and all those little things they’ve talked about before.

The most important thing is that you do not forget the name of the person, since that makes you seem resourceful. People place people in their inner circle by their willingness to engage with them in life, and how can you develop a relationship if you can’t even remember their name?

8. Be nice

Nobody likes indifferent people, and some might call these contrary people. If everyone in the office wants McDonald’s for lunch, they are the ones who want Subway. They always go against the grain and try to cause disagreements.

Now, you don’t want someone who agrees with everything and doesn’t have an opinion, but you also don’t want a person who always goes in the opposite direction. If you are going to be more reliable, learn how to agree to disagree in the life. It’s okay to share your views, but don’t turn a difference of opinion into an argument.

9. Be kind

A good indicator of how people treat others is taking them to a restaurant. See how they act with the server. Are they demanding, indifferent, and speak to staff members as if they are beneath them?

The server test is a great way to see someone’s true colors. If they treat waiters this way, you can guarantee that they will eventually treat you that way too. If you want to please, servers should always be worthy of your respect and kindness, even if there are minor issues.

10. Effectively use the power of touch

Did you know that touch is a powerful influence on behavior? Take, for example, a person who cries because he received bad news. Wrapping your arms around them can be healing and helpful to your state of mind.

Non-sexual contact doesn’t have to be a hug. You can shake hands or pat someone on the back when they have done an excellent job. Touch is an incredibly powerful behavior that does a lot to show your endearing side.

When you offer to reach out and touch someone, it only helps reinforce the sincerity of your words.

Final thoughts on being nicer

There are all kinds of people in this life that you will meet. With each person you meet, you will remember one thing about them. It could be a perfume or cologne they are wearing or their contagious smile that lit up the room.

The real question is, what will they remember about you? If you want to be nicer in this world, you need something to help you stand out. Things like be nice to othersShowing venerability, honesty, good communication, and your cheerful demeanor are all things that are important for others to see in you.

When you strive to be nicer, you will be surprised how quickly your social circle grows.



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