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Psychology Explains Why Being Single Is Better Than a Toxic Relationship


You’ve been there – you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when anxiety overtakes you because you know that you are in a toxic relationship. Things don’t work out anymore, and it seems like all you two do is fight, fight, and scold to the death. Perhaps, there could be more serious issues in the mix, like cheating, or your life goals don’t line up.

The hardest part about being in this stage of a relationship is knowing that you need to end things, but not having the courage or strength to do so. Some people find comfort in unhealthy relationships because they are familiar with it. Others are afraid of jumping back into the dating pool where they perceive the fish to be piranhas or sharks.

When you break up, it can be emotionally draining for you. Not to mention dodging all the questions from friends and family who want to know why things didn’t work out. Reliving the story as each one tells it can be a daunting task.

However, there is nothing worse than staying in a toxic relationship. A study conducted by the University of Ontario showed that 18 percent of the people they stay in relationships long past the due date because they are afraid of being single. So if you have waited too long because you are afraid to go alone, then you are not alone.

When do you know that the time is right to go?

the toxicity of your relationship It can affect your self-esteem and also cloud your judgment. Before you consider giving up on a man or woman in whom you have invested a great deal of time and energy, you must determine whether it is a toxic association or one that can be salvaged.

All couples will have problems, and it is how you handle these difficulties that measures your strength. If there are more good things than bad in your relationship, then perhaps there are things you can work on together. The problem could be that they haven’t spent a lot of time together due to work and other obligations.

Another problem may be that one of you is still recovering from problems related to a previous breakup. While these are problems, they are not problems that cannot be solved. If you put a little effort into making each other number one, then you may be able to save things.

Now on the other side, a toxic relationship it can cause you a lot of stress in many areas of your life. When you sit and look at all the wrong things, you may not see something that can change even with effort. One problem that can affect you emotionally is your lover’s lack of respect or commitment.

You should never put up with someone who doesn’t treat you with respect. Did you know that there have been many studies done on how toxic relationships can affect your psyche? Whitehall II drove a particularly interesting one in 1985.

This study looked at 10,000 participants over 12 years. The people in this experiment confessed that they were in toxic relationships that caused them great distress. Of particular interest was that people with lower social positions appeared to have more negative relationships than those with higher social classes.

The biggest thing the study showed was that people who had toxic relationships in their inner circle were more likely to develop heart problems. The relationships of those closest to you can be the most poisonous, which can affect your health. If that doesn’t give you reason enough to cut the wire, what is needed?

Each person is born with an intuitive nature about them. You feel things in your stomach that let you know that it is time to move on. Don’t waste your time or energy questioning these feelings, as your gut will do a better job of predicting your happiness in a relationship than your heart.

Why being single is better than staying in a toxic relationship

Being single is not so bad. You probably have false perceptions of memory of how lonely he felt, but being single has many advantages. Once you cut the ties that bind you, you can prepare for your new life.

Remember, rebound relationships This is usually bad news, so it is essential that you do not jump into the ocean again in search of another fish. Instead, it would help if you were to focus on all the things you can do and were held back from before.

Do you have a wish list? It would be helpful if you started sticking to that list of difficult things to do when in a relationship. You will be more attractive to someone when you are a person who loves life and lives it to the fullest.

Just think of all the connections you will make while you are out there, fulfilling the things you always wanted to do. You are happiest in life when you are productive and experience new and exciting things.

Six reasons to be lonely instead of having a toxic relationship

If you’re struggling to be single, here are some reasons why being a part of one isn’t so bad.

1. Single people tend to be healthier

Now is the time to focus on your health. You can lose weight and boost your immunity. Many people who are in a relationship say they don’t have time to exercise.

However, once you remove that toxic person from your life, you have more time to focus on your health.

2. They are better at earning and saving money

When there is only one of you to feed, clothe, and pay for utilities, you can save money. Additionally, you can use this time to enhance your career by expanding your education or changing jobs.

You can move to another state or even another country if you don’t have someone to stop you. Doors can be opened you never thought possible. Many single people save better money because they can learn to live on less.

3. They have more time

You don’t have to run home after work every night to enslave a hot stove. You can choose a new hobby and surround yourself with new and exciting people. You may join a book or wine tasting club. Your imagination only limits your options.

4. Singles love philanthropy.

Many people rush to antidepressant medications when life hits them that they cannot overcome. However, one of the best medications you can take to help your mind is altruism.

When a break with that toxic individual has hit you to the bottom, use the energy you have left to help others go through the same thing. Helping humanity balance toxicity and allows you to rebuild your self-esteem.

You will find satisfaction in life by volunteering at a charity event or soup kitchen. Here, you will learn how blessed you are and learn to give back to others.

5. They have more time for family and friends.

Now that you won’t have the old ball and chain dangling from your feet, you can visit friends and family. You won’t have to worry about missing weddings, family reunions, or other events because you don’t have time or because your toxic partner didn’t want to go.

6. Get emotional rewards from loneliness and self-reliance

Some people like to be alone. It doesn’t mean you want to be alone all the time, but you do like the peace and quiet that comes from being the only person in the house.

You love being able to play your music as loud as you want and that you can watch whatever TV show you choose. Know that you don’t have to answer to anyone why you didn’t put the dishes in until this morning instead of last night. You are your boss and it can be emotionally liberating to have no one to answer to.

Final thoughts on how to get out of a toxic relationship

Have you ever seen those swimmers climb to the top of a cliff and dive into the water? Before taking the step, they feel anxiety and panic. The fear of dying from hitting a rock or landing in water that is too shallow is a real threat.

Still, something inside them pushes them to do it for the thrill and the adventure. Once they jump, they feel like flying as they land in the water. Their body is full of adrenaline and finally a euphoric release as they have just conquered something so incredible.

The experience of free fall is similar to breaking free from a toxic relationship. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and jump. While fears of failing or falling plague your mind, you shouldn’t worry if you fail, but you should focus on the ability to fly.

There is a completely different world and you are one decision away from a completely new life.


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