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Pisces Horoscope December 2020 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2020 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Pisces personality profile. 

Welcome to December, Pisces! Last month, your ruling planet, dreamy Neptune, went direct, making life flow more easily. You may have holed up in a little love nest with your favorite snacks, movies, and your partner, but you have to come out now. On Tuesday, December 1, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters boisterous Sagittarius and there are people who want your attention. Keeping COVID-19 safety protocols in mind, make sure to get out there when you can to spend time with friends and family. They’ll be calling, and you should answer.

Get geared up for a busy first week of the month; by the time it’s over, you may feel run down and exhausted. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to any requests that you don’t absolutely need to take on and make time for yourself to rest.

It’s been a hell of a year, to say the least, and travel limitations may have changed your holiday plans, so don’t feel bad if you’re not yet in the holiday spirit. You may get a boost of energy in the middle of the month during the new moon and solar eclipse in Pisces in Sagittarius on Monday, December 14, which stirs up your inner party animal. The best place to take this energy out is in your love and sex life, which gets its own jumpstart when Venus, the goddess of love, enters adventurous Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 15. Go ahead and try something new, whether that means sexting a crush, trying a different sex toy, or exploring a kink with your partner. 

On that same date, Tuesday, December 15, the comet known as Chiron (the “wounded healer”) goes direct, encouraging you to do some soul searching in service of healing some old wounds. To that end, here’s some good news: Sex can be healing, whether it’s masturbation or with a partner. It also can’t hurt to start some virtual therapy, if you’re not going already, around this day.

Your attention returns to your loved ones when hardworking Capricorn season begins on Monday, December 21. This day, which is also the winter solstice, inspires you to reach out to family and friends to find a safe way to see one another. You don’t need to celebrate any particular holiday, you can just make the event about being grateful for each other. After all the laughs and delicious foods, carve out Tuesday, December 29 for yourself. There’s a full moon in caring Cancer which is perfect for recharging. 

The year ends with the moon in bold Leo opposing both Jupiter and Saturn in humanitarian Aquarius, blessing us with hopes of a more progressive 2021. Stay safe, and enjoy the new year! 

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