We collected 3 good pieces from MOJO

Hooray! we are proud to show off some really neat items. There are a number of items in MOJO worth featuring today, so let us get to the goodies asap!

Number 1 today we have is
Ride Engineering – Honda – 22mm Offset Triple Clamps – Black – CR-BTB29-BA

These CRF triple clamps are designed for the 48mm KYB forks. 1) Weight savings is 5 oz lighter than stock; 2)Not only are they made from 2024 Aluminum which is the same alloy the factory teams use but the whole area where the bottom clamp wraps around the forks has been designed for added flex to work with the front suspension. 3)  22mm Offset provides the perfect compromise between the stock offset and our 21mms. Rideng favorite for riders using a lowering link on 2012 CR450 and all riders on the 2010-13 CRF250. (stock offset 20mm). Use our 7/8 or Over-sized bar mounts to add strength, torsional rigidity and handlebar adjustability – 3mm forward or 3mm back of stock (can also be used with stock 7/8″ bar mounts). 

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The second product on the list for today is Ride Engineering – KTM – Performance Link – KT-LKA49-GE.

Ride’s newest product was designed to reduce the ‘high rear end sensation’ some test riders complained about when riding the all new 250 and 450SXF Factory Edition. The new 1.3mm longer arm will lower the back end 6mm and help keep the bike balanced off jump faces and over rough terrain. This link reduces wallowing and helps the shock use full range of travel. Recommended sag with the Rideng Link is 100-103mm.

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The 3rd item on our list today is Ride Engineering – Yamaha – Steering Head Stabilizer Bracket – YZ-SHSB4-00 🤩

Ride Engineering is the first company to offer a way to mount the Showa steering stabilizer onto another brand.  Showa damper and Ride Eng. triple clamps are required and sold separately.


Double check our fitment guide HERE

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Next we have Ride Engineering – Suzuki – 22mm Offset Triple Clamps – Black – RM-BTB-23-BA.

Now steering dampener ready. The 22mm Offset is recommended for Arenacross (AX); Supercross (SX); Motocross (MX); World Off-road Championship Series (WORCS) & Desert Racing (DR). This slightly longer offset tends to work better for ruts, sandy and rough terrain. Made from 2024 aluminimum (the same alloy the factory teams use), these clamps are stronger and lighter than stock (saves 7.5 oz), they help reduce stiction in your forks from uneven clamping by the stock castings. Bottom clamp has radiused corners for more flex similar to Suzuki’s factory clamps. Comes complete with stem and lower bearing for an easy installation (stock offset 21.5mm).

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And next up we’ve got Ride Engineering – Yamaha – One Piece Rubber Mounted Bar Mounts – YZ-BBM00-CA 😀

This one-piece 1 1/8” bar mount is super light with great strength and torsional resistance in the event of a crash. A great alternative to OEM bar mounts that allow the bars to twist when you tip over. Precision machined from aircraft quality aluminum, there is a 6mm difference between the forward and back mounting positions. Ride Engineering also machines their own stainless steel posts that prevent over tightening, unlike the cheap bolts used by other competing brands. They will fit stock or after-market rubber mounted triple clamps. Sized to be the same height as the stock YZ450F bar mounts.

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